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Lightweight and Portable, High-quality acrylic, Easy to install and remove, QR Code Display Stand, Crystal-clear look, Suitable for promotional materials, business cards, Payments etc

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Type: QR Code Display Stand
Size: 3inch x 3 inch
Color: White
Surface Finish: Glossy
Mounting Type: Table Top
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The Acrylic QR Code Mini Display Stand is a 3-inch x 3-inch clear acrylic stand designed to prominently display an individual QR code. It is made from heavy-duty acrylic plastic and features a slanted design that allows for easy visibility of the QR code from any angle. The stand also includes a small hole at the top of the stand that allows for easy attachment to a wall or other surface. The stand is perfect for displaying QR codes for promotional materials, business cards, or any other item that requires quick and easy scanning.

Application: Retail stores, Restaurants, Trade Shows, Supermarkets, Shopping malls

Type QR Code Display Stand
Size 3inch x 3 inch
Color White
Surface Finish Glossy
Mounting Type Table Top
Table Top 0.20 inch
Material Acrylic
Usage QR Code Printing

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