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Benefits of QR Code

Benefits of QR Code

QR Codes offer several benefits and can be used for QR Code Marketing, Ads, QR Code Menus, QR-based ID cards, QR patient OPD cards, QR-based ticketsInformation Sharing, Wine Bottles, etc.

You must have used Paytm or other digital online money transfer applications. You also must have scanned the OR codes. But what is a QR code? QR codes, which can be in the form of a matrix or a two-dimensional barcode, are ubiquitous nowadays. They can alternatively be regarded as data that has been encoded. QR codes may be used to communicate a wide range of data, therefore there are practically endless uses for them. They can provide you with a URL (or internet address) for a movie trailer review or a discount that you can use at a nearby store. They're also ideal for data collection, such as getting people to sign up for more special offers and promotions, and so on.

QR Codes are Back: QR History and Present

QR codes have been around for quite a long time, approximately 30 years but in the last few years we have witnessed an increased amount of QR Code uses, quite visible!

To some extent, it has to do with the fact that earlier, you could only scan a QR code using a barcode scanner and through dedicated third-party applications on smartphones but post 2017 when Apple integrated the QR code scanning feature in their iPhone’s main camera, QR code found a new life. During the pandemic, social distancing was a must and people avoided touching objects, bank notes, etc. QR code came to the rescue in the form of QR-based digital payments and access control keys. People could scan a QR code to order food and pay online without having to touch a physical menu or pay bills using cash. 

 QR Codes are super helpful and have become a part of our day-to-day life. It was invented by Japanese Engineer Masahiro Hara when he was working at Denso Wave, a Japanese automotive parts manufacturing company. Mr. Hara was tasked with finding a solution to assembly line tracking and identification of parts in assembly. 

That is when in 1994, Masahiro Hara came up with a QR Code, taking inspiration from the popular board game ‘GO’. 

QR Code Structure design is quite advanced and uses dedicated focus zone, quiet zone, alignment zone, etc. to ensure quick focus and error-free scanning. Even if a QR code is slightly damaged, it can be scanned which is not possible with UPC-12 barcodes.

 QR Code Benefits

QR codes offer many benefits. As a two-dimensional barcode, QR can be encoded with a large amount of data/information in the form of texts, URLs, numerals, images, PDFs, etc. and this amounts to lots of customized use cases. QR codes are better than UPC-12 barcodes which are limited in uses and can store very little amount of data. Even the scanning process is not entirely error-free or convenient. 

Here’s a list of key QR Code Benefits:

1. No Error

A URL is the only way to link people to internet information if QR Codes aren't available. On a smartphone device, however, inputting a URL is time-consuming and inconvenient. Consumers are also more likely to make typing mistakes. Scanning a QR Code, on the other hand, is a significantly quicker and error-free operation. They do this by encoding data in two ways rather than one. They can convey information in two directions instead of one since they encode information horizontally and vertically (which is why they're square). This results in a code that reads and transmits data more quickly. 

2. Engage your Target Audience/ Customer

Who doesn’t love surprises? QR code marketing works like a surprise for your customer or audience. Rather than serving all at once, let them play the game. Seeing the other side, graphical advertisements seem more engaging than the other ones. You can display the videos and pictures in printed form with the help of a QR code. Just like any food company makes the QR code which directs them to the recipe of that dish. Surveys, review requests, social networking profiles, and comment sections are all examples of interactive content.

3. More Information More Benefits

Print marketing, unlike internet marketing, has restrictions. Isn't there a limit to how much you can say in a newspaper ad, product packaging, or brochure? Wrong. You may provide consumers with endless information by using QR Codes. A QR code may hold a lot of information. They can typically hold up to 7089 numbers or 4296 characters. They can store data in the form of images, videos, URLs, and other formats.

4. Good for your Pocket

Saving money is one of the most significant advantages of QR codes. When compared to the expense of printing, QR codes are a bargain. When potential buyers scan these codes with their smartphones, they can instantly access product information.

5. Easy to Use and Save

QR codes aren't read by horizontal barcode scanners like those seen at checkout counters. 2D optical scanners are used to scan them. An optical scanner is similar to a conventional camera. That's why scanning QR codes with our smartphone cameras is so simple. It's as simple as pointing a camera at anything to scan a QR code. Our smartphone camera can scan QR codes, and the message may be read without the use of a specific gadget. QR codes are often rather tiny. They will take up very little room on your ad banner, booklet, product, or anywhere else you choose to put them.

To summarize, QR Codes offer several benefits and can be used for ads, QR Code menus, sharing of information, QR-based ID cards, QR patient OPD cards, QR-based tickets, wine bottles, etc. Moreover, QR Codes are quite a cost-effective and you can create a QR code using various free, online QR Code Generator applications/websites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What is a QR Code?

QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is better than traditional UPC-12 barcodes. Short for ‘Quick Response’, QR offers more data encoding in the form of text, image, PDF, URL, number, etc.

Q.2. Name 5 Unique features of QR Codes?

QR Codes offer unique features that make it most efficient in barcoding technology.

1. Advanced Quick Scanning design.

2. Quiet Zone ensures scanning even after the QR code is slightly scraped.

3. Large data encoding.

4. Versatile form factor.

5. Cost-effective.

Q.3. What happens when I scan a QR code?

When you scan a QR Code using the smartphone camera or a 2-D barcode scanner, you see a pop-up that shows the encoded URL in the QR code, or you see the encoded text on your screen.

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  • Created on May 05, 2022
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