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RFID Tag for Vehicle Windshield: How Perfect ID is Transforming Parking Management in India

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Dec 29, 2023
  • RFID
RFID Tag for Vehicle Windshield: Toll Collection Parking Automation

From electronic toll collection to vehicle tracking and parking automation, RFID technology is playing an active role in automating various tasks, helping businesses and consumers alike. 

RFID is an advanced AIDC technology, like a barcode that provides a unique identification to each and every asset it is used on but that is not all. Unlike Barcoding technology, Radio Frequency Identification technology has revolutionized various industries by streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. It is simply more efficient and cost-effective in the long run than any other technologies as of now, particularly in AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture)

Perfect ID India Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of RFID tags for vehicle windshields which have automated vehicle tracking, particularly for toll collection and parking automation in India.

RFID Windshield Tags for Toll Collection

The current toll collection system in India uses FASTags, an RFID-based windshield tag, which stores a unique identifier for each vehicle, say vehicle license and registration no., and is linked to the digital wallet of the vehicle owner. 

When the vehicle passes through a toll booth on Indian national or state highways, the RFID reader and antenna system captures the details of the vehicle through the RFID windshield tags on the vehicle, and the toll is automatically deducted from the vehicle owner’s digital account, while the vehicle passes through the toll plaza. 

Various digital payment platforms such as Paytm and PhonePe as well as banking apps allow users to recharge their FASTags as well.

Advantages of using RFID tags for toll collection

1. Elimination of manual toll booth operations, reducing congestion and wait times.

2. Enhanced accuracy and reduced errors in toll collection.

3. Increased revenue generation through efficient toll management.

4. Implementation challenges and potential solutions:

5. Integration with existing toll infrastructure.

6. Ensuring tag durability and reliability.

7. Addressing privacy and security concerns.

8. Cost considerations and affordability.

RFID Windshield Tags for Parking Automation

The RFID windshield tags, designed and manufactured by Perfect ID, streamline parking management, helping people with shorter queues, security, space optimization, easy access, etc. 

Various housing societies also allow their residents RFID windshield labels that have a unique ID saved with their resident database, identifying each vehicle and vehicle owner. They also have an RFID boom barrier system installed at their society gates to automate the entry and exits and parking, freeing up staff and ensuring seamless and secure access. 

Benefits of using RFID tags for parking automation

1. Faster entry and exit processes, reducing congestion and wait times.

2. Real-time monitoring and management of parking spaces.

3. Improved revenue collection and reduced payment disputes.

4. Implementation challenges and potential solutions:

5. Integration with existing parking infrastructure.

6. Ensuring tag readability and compatibility across different parking facilities.

7. Addressing privacy concerns related to tracking and data storage.

8. Cost-effective deployment and scalability.

RFID Tags for Windshield and other Applications

The RFID windshield tags by Perfect ID India Private Limited can be integrated with other smart city initiatives, such as traffic management and vehicle tracking as well. Apart from traffic management, electronic toll collection, and parking automation, RFID tamper-proof windshield tags offer several other applications such as prevention of vehicle theft, vehicle tracking, advanced transportation services, vehicle maintenance schedules for fleet owners, car rental and cab services, etc. 

Challenges of using RFID Windshield Tags

Although RFID tags are pretty easy to understand and implement, there are certain challenges in using RFID windshield tags. Since RFID windshield tags are important for toll collection, parking access control, and vehicle tracking, they must be properly attached to the vehicle windshield so that the RFID reader and antennas can accurately capture the details of the vehicle. 

Using RFID windshield tags also has some security and privacy concerns regarding data privacy. People often fear that anybody with an RFID reader can capture the data from their vehicle windshield tag and it is a legitimate concern. However, RFID windshield tags can be designed to respond to certain RFID readers, with access codes. Kill password is another feature of RFID tags, which allows you to deactivate your RFID tags. 

To conclude, Perfect ID, a Syrma group company, is a leading RFID and IoT solution company, known for its innovative design and manufacturing of RFID windshield tags, UHF RFID tags, and inlays for asset management, retail inventory, and healthcare applications. 

Perfect ID’s RFID tags for vehicle windshields offer immense potential in transforming toll collection and parking automation. The benefits of enhanced efficiency, reduced congestion, and improved revenue generation make RFID technology an attractive option for governments and parking operators. However, challenges related to integration, privacy, and cost must be addressed for widespread adoption. 

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  • Created on Dec 29, 2023
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