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Perfect ID RFID tags for tire tracking in Vehicles and Manufacturing

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Dec 08, 2023
  • RFID
RFID tags for tire tracking in Vehicles and Manufacturing

Technology has transformed, not only vehicle manufacturing and tire manufacturing but also how we maintain vehicles post-production and during the entire vehicle lifecycle. The use of RFID technology in this regard is of significant importance due to many reasons. RFID technology is a modern solution in vehicle tracking and tire tracking, providing identification and tracking of vehicle parts during manufacturing as well as allowing users to gather data on vehicle and tire use, providing crucial insights into the vehicle life cycle. 

Perfect ID India Private Limited, a leading RFID manufacturer in India has come up with a perfect RFID tire tracking solution in the form of RFID tire tracking tags which can be easily embedded into tire molds during tire manufacturing as well as attached to tires in vehicles to keep track of tire lifecycle.

What are RFID Tire-Tracking Tags?

RFID tire-tracking tags are small electronic devices that work on RFID technology to ensure accurate identification of tires which is required for efficient assembly of vehicles. 

Assembly of correct tires during vehicle production in vehicle manufacturing units is very crucial from a safety point of view. Tire and vehicle designs are complementary to each other and using inaccurate tyres on vehicles is a big design flaw that may lead to accidents.

The use of RFID tags on tires provides each tire with a unique identifier and this information can be wirelessly accessed using an RFID Handheld reader or a Fixed RFID reader. 

Perfect ID designs and manufactures several types of RFID tire tags which can be fitted in tire molds as well as applied on tires post production. These RFID tire tags include:

These RFID tire tracking tags can be procured from and Perfect ID's official website. These high-performance tags work on UHF RFID (860MHz-960MHz) and offer a read range of up to 5m. The tyre tracking RFID tags also follow the ISO 18000-63 and EPCglobal Gen2v2 protocol for communication between RFID tags and RFID readers. 

Perfect ID’s tire tracking RFID tags also use high-quality Impinj Monza R6P and NXP U Code 8 Integrated circuits (ICs) with 128 bits of EPC memory. These tags offer a high read rate and a writing cycle of 100,000 cycles. 

These tags are also easy to use, can be mounted with vulcanization glue, and offer high performance even in harsh environmental conditions, either in manufacturing units or on roads. 

Benefits of RFID Tire-tracking Tags

Perfect ID is known for creating the industry best RFID tags with innovative designs and manufacturing. Their RFID tyre tracking tags are of high quality and durable, offering identification and tracking of tyres for long. 

Let’s see some of the benefits of RFID tire tracking, during manufacturing, assembly, and when the vehicle is on the road:

1. RFID tire tracking allows for easy and quick identification of minimum levels and reordering of necessary levels, leading to more efficient inventory control.

2. RFID technology enables the tracking of tires throughout their life cycle, from manufacturing to recycling. The comprehensive record of each tire's history helps customers with crucial data and allows for better traceability.

3. RFID tire tracking streamlines the process of identifying and locating tires, reducing the time and effort required for inventory management and assembly in vehicle manufacturing units.

4. RFID tire tags contain electronically stored information, providing more detailed data than conventional barcodes. Accurate data capture via RFID improves the accuracy of inventory records and reduces errors in tracking.

5. RFID tire tracking allows for the monitoring of tire performance and condition enabling proactive maintenance and timely replacement, leading to improved safety of vehicle owners and cost savings.

6. RFID tire tracking helps ensure that tires are properly matched to vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents caused by mismatched or defective tires.

7. By enabling efficient inventory management, reducing errors, and optimizing maintenance, RFID tire tracking can result in cost savings for manufacturers, assembly plants, and vehicle owners.

8. RFID tire tracking enables accurate and timely information about tire availability, leading to improved customer service and satisfaction.

9. RFID tire tags and tire tracking can help meet regulatory requirements related to tire labeling, traceability, and safety standards.

10. RFID tire tracking allows tires to be connected to a broader ecosystem, enabling the exchange of data and integration with other systems for enhanced functionality and insights.

To conclude, Perfect ID India Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of a variety of RFID tags and NFC tags in India, with great precision and globally accepted standards. The RFID tire tracking tags by Perfect ID allow for efficient tire inventory management, preventive maintenance, and tire replacement, proper assembly on vehicles, lifecycle tracking, etc. 

RFID sensor tags are available in the market that can be used on vehicle tires to provide data on tire pressure, strain, deformation, etc., allowing users to make timely decisions and ensure the safety of vehicles and vehicle users. 

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  • Created on Dec 08, 2023

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