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What are E-Tires? Tire tracking and management using RFID

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Jan 10, 2024
  • RFID
What are E-Tires? Tire tracking and management using RFID

While you’re driving a vehicle or when tyres are moving through the assembly line for mounting, technology is now available to monitor tyre parameters like size, thread -count, and usage.

E-tires are not only designed to monitor tyre parameters to increase safety while driving but to monitor tyre movement and correct mounting during assembly of the automotive vehicle also.

This is achieved by using “a method and system for providing sensor unit location information using permanently mounted RFID tags mounted adjacent tire locations on a vehicle, which is simple and inexpensive to implement, highly reliable, and accurate” (

Use of RFID tags for tracking is not new. RFID system uses radio wave signals to communicate between a RFID tag and a RFID reader. It can be a passive RFID system where tags are not equipped with batteries to power tags or it can be an active RFID system where tags come with batteries and can send strong long range signals to RFID reader. When RFID tags are attached to a vehicle tyre, it can be used to provide the driver with critical data. Tyre use, tyre pressure, tyre life can be easily estimated using RFID.

The right turns 

It is a known fact that 51% of turns are right turns and the tyres of the vehicles need to be rotated on regular intervals to increase the tyre life. While rotating the tyre or when you need to replace a flat tyre, the RFID tag attached to the tyre needs to be re calibrated with the RFID reader inside the vehicle to provide the driver with accurate data about tyre movement and tyre life.

RFID tags in tyre production cycle:

Ensuring exact mounting of right tyre during vehicle assembly is very important for the safe design of cars/trucks. It ensures the safety of occupants as well as the driver while on road.

Many vehicle manufactures and tyre manufacturers strive to meet customer expectations and customer safety. From good tyre grip in unfavourable weather conditions to monitoring the quality of tyres during production, RFID tags are attached to tyres to measure the parameters that ensure the same.

The amount and variety of tyres produced in a manufacturing plant is countless. Tyres vary in size, thread count, hardness, use, raw material and shape as well and to supply correct tyre and use correct tyre in right configuration is very critical or it could lead to accidents and physical harm to occupants and the vehicle itself. 

Other Applications of RFID in Vehicles:

Apart from tyres, RFID tags are also used on vehicles to felicitate auto- collection of tolls at highways and expressways.

Named “FASTag”, RFID tags are attached on vehicle windshield that can be read by RFID readers at tollbooths via antennae.

FASTag is an UHF passive RFID tag that emits radio waves when in the range of a UHF RFID reader near toll booths.

When a vehicle nears the toll booth, the RFID reader antenna, mounted at the entry point, captures the activated signal on the RFID FASTag and the reader process the data from the tag signal. The toll amount is thus subtracted from the owner’s bank account as listed in the FASTag.

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