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Everything You Need to Know About Explosion Proof Tower Lights

Explosion Proof Tower Lights

"Illumination becomes a big problem in environments with volatile substances. That’s why most such operations require Explosion Proof Signal Tower Lights.”

These lights are specifically designed to reduce any accidental ignitions or explosions. With all the benefits that come from modern manufacturing on a large scale, also came the risk of accidents and explosions. That is why such businesses invest a lot in making sure that each component is designed to perform exceptionally well.

What are Signal Tower Lights?

These are a type of LED lights that are stacked one over the other in the form of a tower. These lights usually go on top of equipment, machinery, and entry/exit gates. Signal tower lights form a sort of communication system between the hardware and the workers & management. In short, they provide specific visual signals to the workers and let them know the condition of various operations.

Introduction to Explosion Proof Tower Lights

As the name suggests, these are a type of signal tower lights. However, they are specially designed to operate in an explosion-prone environment. These lights have special features that allow them to operate safely in an environment with flammable substances without the risk of inducing combustion.

Many explosion proof tower lights have a deflagration arrestor. It is a device that allows the free flow of gas while preventing or arresting the flow of fire/spark through it. This is an essential component of these tower lights. This design prevents any sparks from escaping the bulb and lighting any flammable substance nearby.

They are made using high-quality and durable materials like heat-resistance ABS, high-grade aluminum, etc. These materials allow these lights extreme durability against physical damage, high temperatures, etc.

Applications of Explosion Proof Tower Lights

Signal tower lights have many applications from monitoring to emergency communication. So, let’s take a deeper look into how these little items help create more productive and safe working environments.

Facilitate Lean Manufacturing

This term refers to streamlining the manufacturing process and making it more profitable by reducing the waste of time, resources, and labor. One of the core principles of Lean Manufacturing is the keep a constant movement of raw materials from inventory to the machines. 

Signal lights allow operators to know when the raw materials are in low supply, allowing them to facilitate and keep up with the demands of the manufacturing units. This provides a facet of Lean Manufacturing in your operations.

Warning/Emergency Indicator

These lights coupled with an audio alarm are a great way to provide a warning or emergency announcement to workers. They can also help isolate the particular equipment/machine breakdown on the field based on just visual cues.

This allows the operators to respond to emergencies quickly and also prevent any unnecessary or further damage to the asset.

Construction Security

Work environments like construction sites always deal with big and heavy machines. These places are also filled with noise, which may prevent workers from getting alert about a particular machine or vehicle. Meaning, that there is always an increased risk of accidents or injuries. That is where signal tower lights help make this working space a safer place.

These lights can be a great visual indicator of the operational status of any equipment on the field. Providing the workers, with a warning about any dangerous machine being operated near them.

Operation Monitoring

There are many ways of monitoring the operations of a worksite, through Cameras, AIDC systems, or even Signal Lights. The managers and site foremen can easily watch over the entire operation using these lights and ensure that the operations are optimal.

What are the Major Industrial Segments for Explosion Proof Signal Tower Lights?

Now that you know about the basics of explosion proof signal towers and their applications, it’s time to discuss where to use them. These lights have uses in many different types of industries. So, here are the most popular industry segments for explosion proof signal tower lights.

Chemical Plants

A chemical plant often deals with an assortment of different chemicals; both flammable & non-flammable. Although these are stored in secured containers, but there is always a risk of leaks or fumes. Any incidental spark from a light can result in these substances getting ignited. This can become immensely dangerous, very quickly. Making the use of explosion proof lights is a very good idea to keep the facility illuminated more safely.

Oil & Gas Refineries

I don’t have to explain how a facility like an Oil or Gas Refinery becomes a slight fire hazard. These facilities only deal in the production of volatile & combustible substances. That is why, companies take extreme security measures to ensure a safe work environment in these facilities.

The explosion proof signal tower lights are specifically designed to prevent against any accidental ignition of oil products, fumes, or gas leaks.

Power Plants

Similar to the previous industry, power plants also operate using fire-prone materials like fuels. Therefore, they require every bit of equipment that is protected against causing any accidental fire or explosions.


There are many types of laboratories, from high school labs to big industrial laboratories. And along with samples and tools, these places also have flammable materials & chemicals in store. These lights can help create a much safer environment by reducing the chance of accidental fires.

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  • Created on Aug 23, 2023

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