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QR Code Display Stand, Lightweight and Portable, Rectangular Shape, Perfect for Restaurants, Promotions, Compatible with most QR code scanners

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The Acrylic QR Code Display Stand is a universal display system designed to help businesses promote their products, services, and brand. This display system consists of a clear acrylic base and a removable QR code display. The base is designed to hold most smartphone or tablet devices, allowing users to easily scan the QR code and access the desired information. The display stand is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The QR code can be customized with a logo or other text, making it an ideal tool for businesses to promote their brand. This stand is perfect for any business looking to create a unique and engaging experience for its customers.

Application: Retail Stores, Restaurants, Trade Shows, Supermarkets, Shopping malls

Type QR Code Display Stand
Shape Rectangular
Color White
Material Acrylic
Mounting Type Table Top
Size 6" x 4" inch
Thickness 3mm
Usage QR Code Printing

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