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World Internet of Things (IoT) day 2023: IoT for Good

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Apr 05, 2023
  • RFID
World Internet of Things day 2023

The ‘Internet of Things’ has become the ‘Internet of everything’. The term IoT has been around for 20+ years now (1999) and yet when you ask a ‘not so tech savvy’ person what IoT is, one might point towards the smart refrigerator or smart garage entry that locks itself automatically behind you. But that is not merely what IoT is all about.

As April 9 approaches, the tech-community across the globe prepares to celebrate IoT day and it’s celebrated by organizing seminars, showcasing new IoT inventions and devices and discussing future aspects of IoT applications.

It’s a good day to inform people about IoT and how it is not only about home devices and home applications. There is IoMT, internet of medical things, which covers IoT applications in Healthcare industry, medicines and surgery equipments etc. Additionally, IoT is used in various businesses like retail, logistics and supply chain and manufacturing, public services and utilities, agriculture and many more.

What is IoT?

In simple terms, IoT is about gathering data and turning that data into actionable information. IoT is a structure where physical objects like a bulb, refrigerator, thermostats etc, can be interconnected as well as internet connected. It can be controlled by a smartphone via an application.

So how an IoT works, one might wonder!

For an IoT to work, you need to connect a physical object to the internet via a gateway like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, sensors and software etc. and it should be able to communicate and share information with us and with other IoT devices.

World Internet of Things (IoT) day 2023

The first IoT day was celebrated in 2010. Ever since, every year on April 9th, the world IoT day is celebrated. With increased dependency of individuals and businesses on technology, IoT applications have grown exponentially over last few years. According to Forbes, in 2023, around 43B devices will be connected to the internet. From our home appliances, smart kitchen, smart tv to security systems, fire alarms, and smart cars and smart cities, IoT is transforming every small as well as big thing around us.

IoT For Good: IoT day 2023

This year’s IoT day celebrates the theme of ‘IoT for good’. IoT for good explores the varied set of opportunities IoT devices bring in various daily life and day-to-day business operations across retail, healthcare, corporate and agriculture etc. It has been doing good, being part of the solution since its inception.

In 2023 and beyond, it is expected that IoT will converge with various other modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), especially NLP and Machine learning (ML) to perform more complicated function than identification and tracking.

Internet of Things (IoT) Trends:

The year 2023 is defined by various IoT trends and applications in a varied set of areas. Though increased use of IoT, where every device is connected to public or personal network, makes for a potential case of cyberattack (most probably phishing attacks), govt. in USA and UK is contemplating regulations that ensure data protection and privacy as well as inform public about potential disadvantages of bringing another IoT device as home.

To conclude, smart use of IoT can make smart city as well as smart home but practice caution and don’t share your personal information. Govt. must also introduce regulations to prevent unauthorized tracking of objects and individuals and must elevate data and privacy concerns of consumers.

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