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How Can You Use RFID For Advertising And Marketing?

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Mar 16, 2023
  • RFID
RFID For Advertising And Marketing

Have you ever thought of just using a coffee machine and the coffee pod would automatically tell the coffee machine to prepare a cup of coffee without having to select the strength, temperature and size? It’s made possible by use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, where each coffee pod is fitted with RFID and the necessary data is encoded for each pod as per need.

KEURIG did it with their VUE commercial brewing machines. That’s a smooth marketing technique no one thought of, right? Various technologies are now available but what is needed is a vision to utilize these technologies like RFID, NFC, BLE etc. to make living easier.

For who don’t know, RFID is an Automatic identification and data capture technology first used in WWII when British army needed to tell apart enemy aircrafts from allied ones. But the technology has matured since then into a cost effective (some RFID tags now cost 4-5 cents) and user friendly thing that anyone can use.

Retailers, logistics, supply chains, manufacturing, literally everyone is using RFID, NFC, QR codes, BLE etc. to identify, trace and track items but that is not all. If used in a creative way RFID can change how people see advertising and marketing.

How RFID works?

In simple terms, RFID uses radio frequency signals to communicate between a RFID transponder and a RFID reader. RFID tag/transponder comes with a microchip that contains the data and when in a close range to a RFID reader (let’s say, up to 15m for an UHF RFID), the data is communicated to the RFID reader using an antenna.

Since it is a wireless technology, no direct line of sight is required for communication unlike barcodes.

RFID applications in advertising and marketing: 

You have to be extremely creative to use RFID for advertising and marketing purposes. Many businesses such as Dominos, Lexus cars, Budweiser, Hellmann, Burberry London etc have used RFID in most creative ways for advertising and marketing purposes.

Here’s how you can create marketing opportunities and advertisings and also enhance customer experience as well, using RFID technology:

In Apparel outlets:

Companies like Burberry London, H&M, and Zara etc. have used RFID for various tracking and POS (point of sale) needs but they are also creating smart fitting rooms where customer experience takes priority. Whenever a RFID labeled clothing item is taken to a fitting room, a video is played there, giving details of craftsmanship and design. Not only that, it will also let shoppers know if other color options and sizes are available with the store and what other article will go well with the same. 

Smart Grocery Stores with RFID:

Smart grocery stores are coming up where shopping carts are equipped with RFID tag and touch-screen display. Whenever a customer walks by a store section, videos are played on the cart screen with recipes involving any two – three items one wants to advertise.  This makes for a great marketing opportunity and enhanced shopping experience inside the store as well. Of course there is a turn off button.

The technology can also be used to upload shopping list with the smart cart and whenever an item is put into the cart, it is crossed off the list. The cart can also alert the shopper, if a food item can caused allergies. Pretty cool, right?

RFID for improving night out experience:

Advertisers are striving hard to make your ‘night out’ or ‘going out for a drink’ a better experience. In some clubs you can make friends while you cheer your beer bottle with someone else where bottles are tagged with RFID and you can sync your socials using the QR code at the bottom of the bottle. 

Technologies like RFID, NFC and BLE for advertising can enhance the customer engagement with brands and profit them immensely. There are lots of opportunities available to choose such technologies over traditional leaflets and newspaper ads.

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  • Created on Mar 16, 2023
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