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The Role of RFID Jewellery Tags in Jewellery Care and Maintenance

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Mar 14, 2023
  • RFID
The Role of RFID Jewellery Tags in Jewellery Care and Maintenance

The introduction & implementation of RFID jewellery tags has revolutionized the jewellery industry. From automating the logging process to providing additional security to retail stores, RFID tags are a blessing for businesses.

So, let’s discuss the role of these tags in jewellery care and management.

Improves the Security of Retail Stores

The jewellery industry mostly deals in small inconspicuous items of great value. This makes security a big problem for the entire industry. This is where RFID technology saves the day.

By using RFID tags, you can have real-time information on the movement of your items within the store. Anytime an item is removed from the display case, the RFID system will update the inventory database.

In addition to that, unpaid items, will not be able to exit the store without alerting security.

Allows Real-Time Warehouse Tracking

You can also use RFID jewellery tags to track the location of every item during warehousing. This allows you to keep a real-time record of your inventory efficiently.

Made from Materials that Don’t Damage the Surface

The biggest selling point of jewellery is its appearance. Keeping that in mind, manufacturers make sure that the tags do not damage the surface of the items.

This is why, tags that are mounted directly on an item, do not use adhesives or screws to mount.

Automate Inventory Management

Store owners implement RFID readers in multiple locations, like – Exit Points, Billing Counter &Display Counters. This allows them access to real-time information regarding the movement of each item.

This system also updates the inventory database, removing the need for manual inventory management.

Make Sales More Efficient

RFID tags are great for streamlining the sales & billing process. This is due to their ability to store important information like the product code, price, etc. Due to this, the whole process of billing takes much less time.

This not only helps increase the number of sales but also maintains a good image of your store for the client.

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  • Created on Mar 14, 2023

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