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Benefits of Distributed Solar that is worth More

Benefits of Distributed Solar that is worth More

Rooftop solar on homes and businesses can help communities in avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and reduce air pollution that can is proven to be harmful to public health, and also help in avoiding the cost of increasingly expensive fossil fuels.

Here, we have found at least 8 key benefits of solar energy, all of which have real value and can be measured by regulators, policymakers, and utilities.

1- Reduced Waste

Rooftop solar energy produces clean, renewable electricity and reduces the amount of power utilities generated or purchased from fossil fuel. Also, distributed solar-systems reduce the amount of energy lost in generation, long-distance transmission, and distribution.

2- Lower Cost

As the overall demand for electricity is reduced during daytime hours that is the peak period for most utilities, solar energy help consumers and utilities to avoid investments in new power plants.

3- Less Risk

As the price of solar energy is stable over time and the price of fossil fuels is fluctuating rapidly, integrating more solar energy into the grid reduces your exposure towards volatile electricity prices. This also helps in reducing the demand for energy from the grid, home and business solar systems help in reducing the overall price of electricity, helping consumers to save more money.

4- Stronger Grid

When the energy is distributed it decentralizes the grid and safeguards people in one region from other areas who are experiencing some problems, such as blackouts. With the help of emerging technologies, that includes smart meters and small-scale battery storage systems, enhances this value.

5- Clean Electricity

When solar energy capacity is increased it helps utilities in avoiding the costs of meeting renewable energy requirements to clean-up fossil fuel-fired power plants. It would also help in avoiding the cost of emission allowances where pollution is capped.

6- Reduced Greenhouse Gases

You might find that electricity sector is the largest source of global warming emissions and greenhouse gas pollution. When you generate energy from the sun it is a renewable source of energy that produces little to no greenhouse gas emissions.

7- Improved Public Health

With the help of solar you can reduce health costs. It has been found that health-impacting pollutants from coal- and gas-fired power plants; cost society much unit of generated electricity (kilowatt-hour).

8- Economic Growth

The Indian solar industry is growing rapidly and creating new jobs and businesses across the nation. Thus, adding more to the overall economy.

Solar Value Leads Electricity Policy

Solar panels on homes, schools, and businesses often provide more benefits than receiving through programs such as net metering that credits solar panel owners when they generate more power than they use and give electricity for other customers. This is based on a fixed rate for providing excess power to the grid.

This has helped solar energy to skyrocket in recent years, but some argue that net metering is a subsidy for solar owners. A report shows that nationwide, the value of solar that homes and businesses send back to the grid is often higher than the credit utilities provide to customers. In other words, the utilities are often underpaying solar panel owners, not subsidizing them. 

A report equips electricity regulators and policy makers with peer-reviewed data showing that solar users deliver net benefits to society and the electric grid; benefits of solar energy with value reflected closely under policies like net metering, that would continue to support the growth of solar power.

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  • Created on Jun 27, 2022

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