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UHF RFID Inventory System in India

  • Arvind Katiyar
  • Nov 29, 2022
  • RFID
UHF RFID Inventory System in India

Ultra-High Frequency RFID 

UHF RFID may handle long-range application needs because the electric field has strength that extends far farther than is achievable with high-frequency choices. Radio waves are used to communicate between the read/write head and the tag. UHF RFID can handle up to 200 tags at once and can solve fast-paced, complex applications that call for several tags to be scanned concurrently. It can communicate over distances of several meters and operate between 860 and 960 Mhz in the far-field. 

While HF systems have a significantly lesser read range of about one meter, UHF systems are recognized for producing extended read ranges of up to twelve meters (forty feet) (three feet). Up to 20 times the range and speed of HF systems, UHF enables a quicker rate of data transfer. Faster transaction recording and data processing are made possible by this. By doing away with manual procedures, a UHF RFID system can increase inventory visibility and automate operations.

Features of UHF RFID 

•   Ranges between 300 MHz and 3 GHz

•   Scan range up to 12 meters (40 feet)

•   Use the 860 to 960 MHz band.

•   The most affordable tag to use


Track-and-trace technologies are important to achieve the objectives of ever-increasing productivity and efficiency in industrial manufacturing. Manufacturers now have access to high-quality monitoring solutions that offer unmatched control and visibility over automated operations for higher productivity and efficiency gains thanks to radio frequency identification (RFID).

This system offers automated stock accounting, and asset and property accounting that provides accurate visibility into stock movement at any moment known as RFID inventory. The technology is straightforward to use and has a high level of accuracy.

The business must first purchase the RFID generator, printer, scanner, and portal track software before switching to an RFID inventory management system. An RFID label must be affixed to each item. Employees don't need to learn anything about inventory logging because it is done automatically. The majority of shops will transition to RFID gradually, as is the case with most significant technological breakthroughs. Any difficulty felt throughout the changeover process can be mitigated by the potential cost savings over time, which guarantees a competitive edge.

UHF RFID and stock Management

RFID inventory management can breathe new life into a tiring data-entry process for manufacturers and retailers managing vast quantities of inventory. Using a radio frequency identification system, RFID enables up to 99 per cent accurate remote transfer of inventory information.

UHF RFID and Inventory Management 

It can be difficult to handle several products when going through boxes and racks to do a physical inventory count. With the help of UHF RFID, a physical inventory or inventory audit can be completed quickly, with a minimum of human expenditures and disturbance to normal business operations.

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  • Created on Jul 05, 2022
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