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Label Rewinder to Optimize Your Daily Barcode Printing

Label Rewinder

Labeling is a very important part of running a successful AIDC operation over a production line. These systems allow businesses to have a visible monitoring capability over the supply chain. One small component of this process is creating the labels initially. For this, we use a label printer to create a stack of barcodes, then re-roll them to be sent for labeling the products. A label rewinder helps in optimizing this process significantly.

So, let’s discuss more about them.

What is a Label Rewinder?

A label rewinder, as the name suggests, is a type of machine that rewinds a roll/stack of labels after they have been printed. A standard label rewinder holds the end of a label stack onto care and then rolls up the remaining stack on top of it. They work in tandem with the label printers, meaning that they re-roll the stack at the same time the printer is unwinding the roll and printing on it. So, a roll of labels is unrolled, printed on, and re-rolled around a new core in a single cycle/process.

Types of Label Rewinders

There are two types of label rewinders that businesses can use to optimize their supply chain processes, namely – Automatic Label Rewinder, and Integrated Label Rewinder. 

An automatic rewinder needs to be fed the label stack initially, and it has controls to manage the rotation torque and speed that has to be set up by a manual operator. An automatic rewinder is also a separate system from the printer itself.

On the other hand, an integrated rewinder comes inside the label printer. These printers are more expensive than regular label printers. An integrated rewinder is built-in to the printer and can unroll, print, and rewind an entire 8-inch roll of labels automatically without breaks. In addition, since it’s built-in into the printer, there is no risk of any outside debris, dust, or hair getting onto the label while it is being rewound.

How Do Label Rewinders Help Your Business

Now that you know the fundamentals of a label rewinder, let’s talk about why your business requires one.

There are many advantages to investing in label rewinder, these little systems can help you better manage your supply chain and logistics operations, and help your business grow exponentially.

(A). Improves Efficiency

A rewinder automates the entire process of rewinding stacks of printed labels for further use in labeling. An average manual worker will take about 20 to 30 minutes to rewind a roll of a normal 50 to 90 meters long stack of labels. But, with the help of a reminder, you can cut down this time to a couple of minutes.

(B). Reallocation of Labor

An added benefit of automating & cutting down the time consumed in rewinding label stacks is that it provides the manual labor to be reallocated to a more productive operation. This cuts down significantly on the unnecessary labor cost.

(C). Waste Reduction

Machines are much better than people at not making a mess and being tidy. Manually rewinding a printed label stack can have risks like tearing, sludging, or getting dirt on the labels. However, an automatic label rewinder rolls the stack at the same time it is being unwound and printed on. This reduces any waste creation in the entire process.

(D). Boost Productivity

By providing an element of automation, efficiency, and free workers, label rewinders allow a business to focus most of its resources on production and profit. Moreover, these systems help streamlines the labeling and SCM operations, therefore, further improving the productivity of the business.

(E). Customizable

Lastly, an automatic label rewinder comes with an adjustable core bar, meaning, that it can hold and rewind a wide variety of label roll sizes. Making it perfect for a variety of operations. They can also be setup to perform at a specific speed, or for a specific number of cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does a label rewinder do?

As the name suggests, a label rewinder is responsible for rewinding a printed label stack around a core for later use.

Q2. How do you use label rewinder?

It’s very easy to use an automatic label rewinder, just follow the step. Place the rewinder in front of the output tray of the label printer. Command the printer to print a couple of labels till the label roll is long enough to wound around the rewinder. Now, take out a core and place it on the rewinder’s core. Take the label stack and place it firmly on the core (printed side outwards), using tape to secure one end.

Turn on the label rewinder.

Q3. How is label printing done?

Labels are generally printed within a printer. These printers use two different methods to create print designs on the barcode label., namely – Direct Thermal, and Thermal Transfer Printing.

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  • Created on Aug 29, 2023

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