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Tips To Maintain Solar Panel

Tips To Maintain Solar Panel

We try to make the best out of what we spend. Installation of a solar panel is a huge investment. We should utilise it to the fullest. Solar panels do not require any special service or attention but some of your actions can maintain them and increase their efficiency.

Once correctly installed, a solar energy system requires little upkeep. A good solar system can easily last for more than 15 years and usually come with a 25-year performance warranty. With proper care, you can expect a consistent and maximised output over a lengthy period of time.

Here is some tip you can follow to maintain its efficiency.

Clean them regularly

The solar panel does not require special care or maintenance but to increase its efficiency, one must clean it on regular basis. As they are installed in an open area they accumulate dirt. The diet may reduce its capacity of absorbing the sunlight and converting it into electricity. Solar panel modules along with other components should be clean on regular basis. You can use a soft cloth wash rag to clean them. You can clean them water pipe if it accumulates dust. But, make sure to not cause any damage.

Direction and Orientation

The way you place your solar panels can affect their working. The solar panel must be placed according to the direction of the sun.  This is usually analysed during the pre installation phase of solar system. So that they can receive the maximum amount of sunlight and works at their best. Some positions are not ideal for their work. You can consult a solar panel installer to put them in the best place. You should avoid shady places as solar panel requires the maximum amount of sunlight.

Observe the Performance

You should be aware of the performance of your solar panels. It will help you to keep them maintain and their efficiency too. Daily checks should include checking the inverter display for proper operation and the presence of the green light, keep a daily record of the system's output so that you can track its success over time. This is some thing that most modern inverters and monitoring software will take care of for you. A lightly low performance or low generation of electricity is a hint for you to look after it. Figuring out the performance can help you to act accordingly and quickly. Minting them would be easy after knowing the problems at the right time.

Go for High Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells

Concentrated photovoltaic cells (CPV) is responsible for the high efficiency of solar panel. Traditional panels result in 22% of efficiency, whereas these cells give an efficiency of 46 %. You must consider them for the great results.

Check them after Harsh Weather

Severe storm, hurricane and wind can cause harm to your solar panels. It can break them. Broken glasses will directly effect the output of solar panels. You must check their physical appearance and proper function to discover the fault.

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  • Created on Apr 18, 2022

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