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Paper Barcode label, Size: 100mm x 180mm, Plain Labels, Self Adhesive Easily Remove & Place a Sticker on your Product, Packaging Type: Roll

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The White Chromo Paper Barcode Label is a self-adhesive label designed to help you quickly and easily identify packages, products, and other items. This barcode label is made of high-quality white chromo paper, which is durable and resistant to tearing and smudging. The label measures 100mm x 180mm and is designed to be compatible with most standard barcode scanners. It also features a permanent adhesive backing, which ensures that the label will stay securely in place. With this label, you can quickly and accurately identify and track your products, packages, and other items.

Application: retail stores, warehouses, shipping, manufacturing for inventory management, tracking products, and identifying items

Product Chromo Paper Roll
Material Paper
Paper Type Glossy
Pattern Plain
Size 100mm x 180mm
Packaging Type Roll
Color White
Print Smooth
No of Label 400 Labels in 1 Roll
Core Size 1 inch
Label Rewinding Outside
Gumming Hot melt adhesive

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