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A high-quality NFC PVC card featuring an NXP NTAG213 chip, 54mm x 86mm size, glossy finish, 13.56MHz frequency, and double-sided high-resolution printing for secure contactless applications

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Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Chip Type: NXP NTAG 213
Material: PVC
Size: 54mm(L) x 86mm(W) X 1mm(T)
Surface Finish: Glossy
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The NFC PVC Blank Card with NXP NTAG213 Chip refers to a type of card that utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, embedded with an NTAG213 chip manufactured by NXP Semiconductor and operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. These PVC cards are typically made of durable PVC plastic and have a glossy finish.  They contain an NTAG213 chip, which offers 144 bytes of usable memory for storing data.  This data can be rewritten up to 100,000 times and can be retained for up to 10 years.  With a standard credit card size (85.6 mm x 54 mm), these cards are compatible with most NFC readers and smartphones.

Application for NFC PVC Blank Card - NXP NTAG213 Chip

 • Digital Business Card

• Coupons & discount applications

• Ticketing applications

• Access Control

• Contactless Payments

Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Chip Type NXP NTAG 213
Material PVC
Size 54mm(L) x 86mm(W) X 1mm(T)
Surface Finish Glossy
Shape Rectangular
Memory 888Bytes
Read/Write Endurance 1,00,000 Cycles
Data Retention 10 Years

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