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Lightweight Tag, Easy to attach, Reusable, Size: 31mm x 32 mm, Difficult to remove, Compatible with most Eas Tag, Suitable for Retail Management

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Material: ABS
Dimensions: 31mm x 32mm x 18mm
Color: Black and White
Installation: Hang with Lanyard
Type: Sensor Tag
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The EAS Anti-theft Security Triangle Tag with Lanyard is a popular security solution for retail stores. It consists of a triangular-shaped tag, usually made of plastic, that is attached to an item with a lanyard. The tag is designed to activate an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system, which is typically placed at the store’s entrance or exit. When the tag is taken through the EAS system, an alarm is triggered and security personnel can quickly locate the person responsible. This system can help to deter theft and reduce shoplifting. The lanyard allows the tag to be easily attached to items and removed when the item is purchased.

Application: Clothing Shop, Shopping Malls, Retail Shops, etc

Material ABS
Dimensions 31mm x 32mm x 18mm
Color Black and White
Installation Hang with Lanyard
Type Sensor Tag
EAS System AM
Frequency 58kHz

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