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Adhesive Glue Gun stick, Dry quickly, Clear glue sticks, High quality, Suitable for DIY projects, Art and Craft projects, Compatible with Most Glue Guns

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Adhesive Type: Stick
Applicator Type: Glue Gun
Material: PU
Pattern: Plain
Color: Transparent
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This glue gun stick is a versatile adhesive that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, and fabric. The stick is designed to be used with a glue gun, which provides the heat needed to melt the glue. Once applied, the glue dries quickly and forms a strong bond that can hold up to heavy use. The stick is easy to use, simply insert it into the glue gun and apply the adhesive to the desired surface.
Adhesive Type Stick
Applicator Type Glue Gun
Material PU
Pattern Plain
Color Transparent
Compatible Material Ceramic, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Fabric
Height 215mm
Width 11mm

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