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High Frequency RFID PVC Smart Card

Dual Frequency RFID Rewritable Card, Frequency: 13.56 Mhz, double sided printing card for Access Control System & Time Attendance

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Operationg Frequency: 13.56 Mhz High Frequency (HF)
Material: PVC
Type: Double side printing
Size: 54mm x 86mm
Usage: Access cards for school, college, offices, events etc
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High Frequency RFID PVC Smart Card  has an embedded integrated chip that acts as a security token. These PVC card connect to a reader either by direct physical contact, through a short-range wireless connectivity standard such as radio-frequency identification (RFID). PVC Cards also known as Attendence Cards widely used to print and make ID cards in Schools, Colleges, offices and events having the UID (Unique Identification Number) with it, also used as credit cards and other payment cards. 

Application: Attendence Mangement, Health Clubs – Membership Cards, Amusement parks, Corporate - Employee ID Cards, banks etc

Operationg Frequency 13.56 Mhz High Frequency (HF)
Material PVC
Type Double side printing
Size 54mm x 86mm
Usage Access cards for school, college, offices, events etc
Thickness 2mm
Surface Finish Glossy
Shape Rectangular
Color White
Attributes Fine Finish, Scratch Resistant, High Quality Plastic

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