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QR Code Campaign Tracking with UTM QR Code Parameters

QR Code Campaign Tracking with UTM QR Code Parameters

"UTM parameters tags can be added to URL QR Codes that allow you to track the source, medium, campaign, and other attributes of a QR Code based campaign."


With the rise of smartphone penetration across the world, marketers and advertisers are increasingly targeting consumers on their smartphone itself. Since people are now spending a significant part of their daily time on smartphones, it only makes sense. To that end, marketers are utilizing several ways to engage customers with brand ads and promotions, and use of QR codes has emerged as a popular option for engaging with customers. But promoters and marketers also need to keep tabs on their campaigns, QR based lead generation efforts and whether these campaigns are working or not. Without proper tracking, it can be challenging to measure their impact accurately. This is where UTM QR codes come into play.

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) QR codes are a powerful solution for optimizing QR code campaign tracking. Over time, UTM QR codes have evolved to become an essential tool in the marketer's arsenal, with improved integration capabilities, enhanced tracking accuracy, and support for a broader range of metrics. Today, UTM QR codes continue to evolve alongside advancements in technology, with innovations such as dynamic QR code generation, real-time analytics with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and seamless integration with marketing automation platforms driving their adoption across various industries.

Let’s see in detail how QR Code campaign design and tracking works and how UTM QR Codes are important in that regard. 

A Successful Dynamic QR Code Campaign Design

QR code campaigns are marketing initiatives, taking the help of Quick Response (QR) codes to engage customers, drive traffic, and enhance brand experiences. These campaigns involve QR codes in various marketing materials such as advertisements, packaging, posters, and product labels. QR codes can be scanned by smartphones, allowing users to access digital content, websites, promotions, and exclusive offers instantly.
To design a successful dynamic QR Code campaign, we need to use UTM Parameters with dynamic URL QR Codes. It can be done using a dynamic URL QR Code generator where we can assign a Customized URL to each QR Code, with UTM parameters such as source, medium, campaign, term and content and add brand logo and colors to make the QR Code engaging and appealing. 

What is a UTM QR Code?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) QR codes combine the functionality of QR codes with UTM parameters, a tracking system commonly used in digital marketing. UTM parameters are tags added to URLs that allow you to track the source, medium, campaign, and other attributes of a website visit.
A dynamic URL with UTM parameters looks something like this:

UTM QR Codes are encoded with a URL similar to above which can be used to track each time the QR Code is scanned. 

You can simply use different values for each UTM parameters as per your requirements.

1. utm_source=tiktok (It could be instagram, X, Facebook, etc.  )

2. utm_medium=paid_social (Name the medium of your campaign here)

3. utm_campaign=black_friday (Your campaign name)

4. utm_term=social_media_tool (Use terms to specifically classify your campaign)

5. utm_content=ugc_ad (Mention what your campaign entails)

Apart from these parameters, you can also use

1. utm_id: A campaign ID for a specific promotion (used in GA4).

2. utm_source_platform: To name the source platform. 

A UTM QR code looks like a regular QR code, but it contains additional information within its encoded data. When a user scans the UTM QR code, the UTM parameters are captured, and the resulting URL is tracked in your analytics platform.

How UTM QR Codes Work?
UTM QR codes work by combining the functionality of QR codes with UTM parameters. When a user scans a UTM QR code, the QR code reader app or device decodes the information embedded within the code. It typically includes a URL that contains UTM parameters.

Once the URL is decoded, the UTM parameters are captured and appended to the URL. The resulting URL with UTM parameters is then accessed by the user's device, triggering a visit to the designated landing page.
Creating UTM QR Codes

Creating UTM QR codes is a straightforward process that involves combining a URL with UTM parameters and encoding them into a QR code. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating UTM QR codes:

1. Define your UTM parameters: Determine the UTM parameters you want to use for tracking. Common parameters include source, medium, campaign, content, and term. Ensure that these parameters align with your overall marketing strategy and goals.

2. Generate a UTM URL: Use a URL builder tool or manually add UTM parameters to your destination URL. Make sure to encode the URL properly to avoid any issues when generating the QR code.

It somewhat looks like this:

3. Encode the UTM URL into a QR code: Use a QR code generator tool to encode the UTM URL into a QR code. Select the appropriate size and format for your QR code, and ensure that it is easily scannable.

4. Test the QR code: Test the QR code using different devices and QR code reader apps to ensure it scans correctly. Verify that it redirects users to the intended landing page and that the UTM parameters are captured accurately.

5. Implement the QR code: Once you are satisfied with the QR code, implement it in your marketing materials, such as print ads, packaging, or digital channels. Make sure to track the performance of the QR code campaign using your analytics platform.
Tracking UTM QR Code Campaigns
Here's how you can track UTM QR code campaigns:

1. Set up Google Analytics or another tracking platform: Use a web analytics platform like Google Analytics to track the performance of your UTM QR code campaigns. Make sure to set up the necessary tracking parameters to capture the UTM data.

2. Create UTM-specific reports: Configure custom reports or dashboards in your analytics platform to focus specifically on UTM QR code campaigns. It allows you to easily access and analyze the data related to your QR code campaigns.

3. Analyze UTM data: Regularly review and analyze the UTM data collected from your QR code campaigns. Look for trends, patterns, and insights that can help you optimize your campaigns and improve their performance.

Tools and Resources for UTM QR Code Tracking

Several tools and resources are available to help you track and optimize your UTM QR code campaigns. Here are a few popular options:
1. Google Analytics 4: Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a robust web analytics platform that offers in-depth tracking and reporting capabilities. It allows you to track UTM QR code campaigns, analyze data, and gain valuable insights into your marketing efforts.

2. Bitly: Bitly is a URL-shortening service that also provides tracking and analytics features. It enables you to create shortened URLs with UTM parameters and monitor their performance in real time.

3. QR code generators: Numerous online QR code generator tools allow you to create UTM QR codes with ease. These tools often offer additional features, such as customization options and analytics tracking.

4. UTM URL builders: UTM URL builder tools simplify the process of adding UTM parameters to your destination URLs. They help ensure that your UTM QR codes are correctly formatted and trackable.
In conclusion, UTM QR codes are a powerful tool for optimizing QR code campaign tracking. You can gain valuable insights into how users interact with your campaigns. It allows you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your marketing strategy, and drive measurable results. From accurately tracking the success of individual QR codes to providing a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts. So, elevate the success of your QR code campaigns. Start optimizing your marketing efforts today!

Frequently Asked Questions on URL QR Code Campaign Tracking
Q1) What is a UTM QR code, and how does it differ from a regular QR code?
A UTM QR code is a type of QR code that includes UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters in the URL encoded within the QR code. These parameters enable marketers to track and analyze the effectiveness of their QR code campaigns.
Q2) What are the benefits of using UTM QR codes for campaign tracking?
UTM QR Codes enable marketers to track key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI (return on investment) for QR code campaigns. By analyzing UTM parameters in analytics tools like Google Analytics, marketers can gain valuable insights into campaign performance and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.

Q3) What are some best practices for optimizing QR code campaign tracking with UTM parameters?
Best practices for optimizing QR code campaign tracking include using UTM parameters that identify the source, medium, and campaign, ensuring consistency in UTM parameter naming conventions across campaigns, and regularly monitoring and analyzing campaign performance metrics to make data-driven decisions.

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  • Created on Feb 17, 2024

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