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Smarthome Access Control with Biometric Security System

Smarthome Access Control with Biometric Security System

Secured access control is one of the required features of a smarthome, protecting us from thieves and other possible threats. Traditional home security measures like physical keys, passwords, and PINs cost a lot of money and do not fulfill the user's requirements in terms of security and ease of access. A biometric security system has the potential to protect our homes from unauthorized access while offering easy secure access to authorized individuals. Smarthome security can really benefit from biometric security systems, be it facial recognition, palm recognition, gait or fingerprint or a combination of more than one biometric identity. 

 Therefore, the replacement of our traditional lock system is a must-do. The biometric door lock feature is a cutting-edge technology that allows users to scan their biometrics (biological credentials) to unlock the doors. 

How do Biometric Locks Work?

 A biometric lock typically works by scanning biometric credentials including face, fingerprints, palm, eyes, and voice. The data is fed into a biometric software system in advance and upon scan, it matches the data and allows entry or disallows it and raises alarms.

A biometric smart lock operates by scanning and converting biometric data into numerical templates. For example, with a fingerprint scanner, you have to place your fingers on the scanner for the first time to store your data in the database. It will take a picture of your fingerprints and convert image data into numerical data, and your fingerprint data will be stored in the database as a fingerprint template. The next time you place your fingers on the sensors, it matches the obtained fingerprint data with the pre-saved fingerprint data. If the fingerprint matches, it will grant you access to open the door. On the other hand, if the fingerprint data is not found in its database, it will not allow access, and the door will remain locked.

 What are some popular types of biometric door lock systems?

 There are four types of biometric door lock systems that are very popular and known for easy access to authorized persons.  

1. Fingerprints Scanner door locks

2. Facial scanner door locks

3. Iris scanner based door locks

4. Voice recognition door locks

1. Fingerprint Scanner door locks: It is a minutiae matching process; our fingerprints have several minutiae points with their positions and directions. The scanner captures the image data of these positions and directions to register your fingerprints for the first time. This image data is converted into numerical data, and a new finger template is stored in the memory.

Fingerprint door locks are useful in offices, multifamily houses, and apartments because they are a familiar and easy-to-use technology for all of us.


2. Facial Scanner Door Locks: The facial scanner lock system is a complex technology that identifies whether the scanned image of a face is already stored in the database or not, and then it authenticates that person's facial features to grant access. A biometric facial scanner uses unique mathematical operations and dynamic patterns to process our facial features, which makes it one of the safest and most effective technologies in biometric security systems. 

The face identifier procedure requires any device that can operate on digital photographic technology, which is used to generate the image data to record the biometric facial patterns of a person that needs to be identified.

3. Iris Scanner-based Door Locks: Like the facial scanner locks, an eye or iris scanner based lock offers a contactless entry to access a place.

Iris scanners measure the unique patterns of your irises—that colored circle on your eyes. This scanning technology works by illuminating the iris with invisible infrared light to pick up the unique patterns of the iris that are not visible to the naked eye. 

The iris scanner scans only the features of the iris, excluding eyelids, eyelashes, and other parts of the iris. The outcome is captured as pixilated data, which contains features of the iris.

4. Voice recognition door locks: These smart lock systems help to recognize a person's identity from his unique vocal patterns. A user will say some sentences to activate the biometric system, like “Unlock/open the door” or accordingly.

It works by scanning speech and initiating a match with the stored voice data. It will identify the high and low nodes based on the speaking pattern of a person.

To conclude, smart locks have become very popular and offer security and ease of access by implementing biometric lock technology. It can secure our homes, offices, and safes. These biometric smart locks are transforming our ways of accessing spaces, as well as they are primarily focused on securing our belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1) Are biometric door locks secure?

Biometric door-locking systems are more secure than traditional door locks because they add an extra layer of security before accessing the place. It is a difficult task to fake biological traits of a person to bypass the security of a biometric system. A camera in the biometric system can enhance the security level of a biometric system.

 Q2) What are the advantages of a biometric security system?

1. The security of a biometric system is difficult to breach and can be accessed only with the biometric characteristics.

2. Biometric security systems are fast and allow users to decide the access control for their property.

3. It is a more accurate and cost-effective home security system for access control.

4. Biometric system security is compatible with other smart home devices and systems.

Q3) What is the weakness of a biometric security system?

Many people think that submitting their biometrics details might be a threat to their privacy in the future, and they don’t want to share their biometric credentials with building management or any third-party platform.

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