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How to Ensure Workers’ Security with RFID Industrial Security Solutions

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Jul 13, 2023
  • RFID
RFID Industrial Security Solutions

Industries are gradually switching to more automation in their day-to day operations. With the availability of various technologies at hand and incorporation of IoT sensors and devices and AIDC technologies including RFID, the manual work such as data collection and monitoring has reduced significantly, become digital. Besides better output, technology has positively affected another important aspect of industry operations that is workers’ safety and security. 

Even though many industrial operations have become automated, some sectors even reported job losses due to automation itself, many industrial operations are still heavily labor dependent. Many of these operations are risky as well and this is why more and more use of technology is needed to guard workers’ safety and security.

RFID and Industries 

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that is known for its automatic identification and data collection capabilities and it has been around since many years, probably one of the reasons that now various industries are heavily dependent on RFID for tracking and tracing needs. When it comes to workers’ safety, RFID has a significant role to play in preventing machine failure allowing preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, machine lifecycle monitoring, and even training. Besides, RFID can also enable quick emergency response in case something untoward incident occurs at workplace.

Besides, many industries such as mining require 24*7, 365 days a year functioning. Under these circumstances RFID offers a system for regulating and monitoring work hours for workers, reducing strain and ensuring safety of overworked laborers. It also ensure great productivity at the mining site.

Workers’ Security with RFID Industrial Security Solutions 

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has become increasingly popular in industrial environments, especially in improving overall security. It finds many uses in improving workers' security by tracking their movements and ensuring that they are in safe areas.

Here are some ways to ensure workers' security with RFID industrial security solutions:

Implement RFID badges or cards

RFID badges or cards can be used to track workers' movements within the industrial setting. Industry managers can assign each worker a unique RFID badge or card that is used to monitor their movements. It can be used to restrict entry into certain areas of the facility, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. 

This particular system can also be set up to generate alerts if a worker enters a restricted area, and with CCTV integration, it provides an accurate and efficient solution, improving the overall security.

Monitor equipment and materials using RFID

RFID technology can also be used to monitor equipment and materials within the industrial setting where each piece of equipment can be assigned a unique RFID tag, allowing it to be tracked as it moves through the facility. This not only helps to prevent theft and loss of equipment, but also give detailed data on tool utilization and its maintenance requirement, preventing sudden breakdown of machinery and ensuring safety of workers.

Apart from that RFID can also be used in combination with modern age IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and advance technologies like AI and ML to enable predictive analytics, and preventive maintenance. These measures will cement workers safety and security to a great extent.

Use RFID sensors

Another RFID solution that is proven to be effective is use of RFID sensors to monitor the location and movement of workers and equipment within the industrial setting. These sensors can be placed strategically throughout the facility to track the movement of workers and materials. 

The sensor data generated can be analyzed to identify patterns and trends in worker behavior, helping to improve overall safety and security.

Integrate RFID with access control systems

In industries, RFID technology can also be integrated with access control systems, allowing workers and visitors to gain access on the premises. The access control system can also be used to generate alerts if someone tries to gain access without proper authorization ensuring no one bothers the workers, messes with machinery etc. It works as a security blanket. 

Use RFID for better emergency response 

RFID finds its great use in ensuring workers’ safety in emergency situations and strengthening the emergency response in a factory. In large factories, it can be used to quickly locate workers and ensure their safety by providing immediate help.

In case of an emergency, workers can be quickly located using their RFID badge or card and use of CCTV helps only adds to the support.

It greatly improves the response time and ensures that workers can be evacuated to safety quickly in case of fire, or machine failure. RFID gate system can provide data to ensure that all the workers are out and no one is left behind.

RFID industrial security solutions offer an effective way to ensure workers' security in industrial settings. By implementing RFID badges or cards, using RFID sensors, integrating RFID with access control systems, using RFID in emergency situations, and monitoring equipment and materials using RFID, industries can ensure safety and security of the workers and strengthen the emergency response as well.

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  • Created on Jul 13, 2023

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