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Should Businesses Use Acrylic QR Code Display Stands

Acrylic QR Code Display Stand

QR code is the next step of revolution in the asset identification and data storage market. They are a type of barcode that can store vastly more data than a standard barcode, thus allowing it to have several applications. In today’s world, you can hardly go anywhere without encountering one of these. From tea stalls to airports, they are everywhere, even in supermarkets where you often find them on stands. These Acrylic QR Code Display Stands are often used to make online payments, feedback, etc.

So, let’s see how these stands can improve your business.

Introduction to Acrylic QR Code Stands

As you probably know, QR codes are those collections of black and white dots with three squares in three corners, often used in shops for online payment. QR response code (QR code full form), was first introduced in the year 1994 by Denso Wave. Nowadays, you’ll often see QR code stickers on counters or even printed on an acrylic label on a stand. These are known as Acrylic QR Code Stands.

How Does a QR Code Work?

A QR code is a type of 2-Dimensional barcode, it can store information along two axes. There are several components of a QR code, namely – Quiet Zone, Finder Pattern, Alignment Pattern, Version Information, and Data Cells. These allow the QR code scanner to orient, identify and scan the QR code. So, let’s discuss in some depth how this works.

Quiet Zone refers to the thin blank boundary outside of the code, this helps the scanner identify the dimensions of the QR code.

Position/Finder Pattern refers to the three big squares on the corners. The position patterns allow the scanner to partially orient the QR code. As there are only three squares, it means that in a correctly aligned QR code, there will always be two squares on top. Giving only two possible orientations.

Alignment Pattern is a small square just a bit diagonal to the right edge of the code. This along with the position pattern, allows the QR code scanner to perfectly orient the code.

Timing Mark/Pattern refers to the two lines that run through all the position patterns, allowing the scanner to identify them, if the code is partially damaged.

Version Information, a horizontal line (3 dots wide), helps the QR code scanner identify the version of the code and which technique to use to decode it.

Data Cells refer to the rest of the matrix inside a QR code. This holds the actual information that your QR code scanner reads and directs to.

How to Implement Acrylic QR Code Display Stand in Your Business?

There are several benefits of implementing Acrylic QR Code Display Stands in your business. From billing to marketing, you can streamline all time-consuming tasks for yourself and your customers. So, let’s discuss the purposes of using QR code stands in your business.

Social Media Following

One of the best methods of keeping customers engaged with your brands and acquiring the interest of potential customers is social media. By engaging with people on online social platforms, you can keep them informed on your products daily. However, instead of telling them to follow you by telling them your username, you can just use QR codes. For example, a QR code on top of the product surface or packaging will redirect them to your social media profile. In addition, you can also offer them some perks or discounts for following your profile.

Online Payment

The most common use of QR codes you will see in day-to-day life is monetary transactions. I bet you would find it extremely hard to visit a shop and not have the option of paying with apps like Paytm, Phone Pay, PayPal, etc. All these apps use simple QR code stickers. People don’t carry a lot of cash (aside from the obvious security risk, nobody like a baggy pocket), instead, they prefer to use online transactions using phones. In addition, payment using a QR code scanner avoids the problems related to having change.

Improve Website Traffic

The more frequently a customer visits your website, the more likely they are to be interested in buying your product. However, the problem is, not a lot of people visit the websites of the brands they use. When was the last time you opened the website for your phone or television brand? Instead, we just use 3rd party/retail sites like Amazon or Flipkart, but the problem is that they often provide briefed information. If you truly want to understand a product and a brand, you need to visit the source. So, you can just apply a QR code on your product package that redirects them to your website.

Provide Discounts

Everybody loves a good discount, but instead of long and complicated coupon codes, you must manually put them in. Just shift to QR codes, to direct your customers to discount/coupon portals from where they can redeem them.

Customer Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important aspects of a successful and growing business. Every piece of constructive criticism is a step that you can take to make your brand more recognizable and popular. But nobody likes to fill out a page full of questions while standing in the middle of the aisle. Instead, inside the package you can just give a QR code that redirects the customers to the feedback page, where they can share their experiences and suggestions whenever they have time.

Digital Menu

If you’ve been to a restaurant with more than two people, you will know how much everyone hates to share menus. And understandably so, I'm here to eat, not look at your face while you peruse through the menu. Instead, just put a QR code on each table that directs to an online menu, and everyone can have a personal menu in their hands. In addition, it saves you a lot of money on printing menus for replacement or updating purposes.

Product Page/E-Manuals

As a consumer and a producer, you must know the hassle that is product manuals and description pamphlets. They are thick, they cost money, and they often get lost. Let’s be honest, none of us ever reads the owner’s manual. So, instead of wasting all those resources, just create an online product page and e-manual and use a QR code on your product to redirect people to it.

Redirect to App

Lastly, many brands introduce their apps in the Play Store and Apple Store, this is to give the users a more personalized ad intimate experience of the brand. Plus, it’s often cheaper to buy directly from the producer. The problem is, not many people are aware of the apps of the products they use. So, to solve that issue you can use QR Codes on your bills or packages.

Benefits of Using QR Code Display Stands

The biggest advantage of QR code is that it often streamlines and automates a lot of time-consuming tasks that often make the user experience boring. In today’s world, time is money, and nobody likes to waste time standing in lines for bills or typing in a web address. We want everything, and we want it now, in the blink of an eye. Using a QR code display stand in your business, helps you achieve all of that.

By strategically placing these stands around your organization (be it a retail store, warehouses, etc) you can make your business and user experience run smoothly without any unnecessary delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does QR code work on acrylic?

Ans: Yes, QR codes are just a form of a 2D barcode, that can be scanned by an image-area scanning device, known as a QR code scanner. If the code is properly visible, it can be applied to anything.

Q2. Where should QR codes be displayed?

Ans: There are several places in an organization or place of business where you can successfully deploy a QR code. But some of the most popular ones are On-top of counters, tabletop, stands, product counters, packaging, etc.

Q3. What is the price of the QR code display stand?

Ans: These stands are mostly made of Acrylic, paper, and some plastic. They are light and usually cost very less. Typically, you can get one for as less as ₹10 to ₹25.

Q4. How do I make a QR code?

Ans: It is very easy to make QR codes if you need a QR code for a payment system, just use companies like Paytm to set up a merchant account. They will automatically provide you with a QR code linked to your account/s. However, in case you want a personal QR code directed to a site or portal, you can just use a free QR code generator, like TheQRCodeGenerator.

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  • Created on Apr 13, 2023
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