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Silicone Watch Straps: A Few Benefits You Should Know About Silicone Bands

Silicone Watch Straps

The market for day-to-day accessories in premium and non-premium categories is continuously on the rise. Use of gadgets like smart watches, fitness trackers, tablets, laptops etc. has become a need and a fashion statement at the same time. People like to match their pants, their shoes and their watch straps now. Who would have seen this day coming? But that is not all. This trend is also giving rise to e-commerce and wholesale businesses in china and India which are actively manufacturing and exporting such products to other companies. Apple Inc. recently started manufacturing its higher-end iphone line up in India itself, shifting its manufacturing hub from People’s Republic of China. Apple’s smart watches with silicone straps are very popular.

With rising craze in such gadgets like smart watches and fitness trackers, one more thing is trending like crazy, that is Silicone. On the periodic table, Silicon (Si) sits just right below Carbon and that explains its affinity to bond with oxygen to make Silicone, a Silicon and Oxygen polymer with methyl groups attached to it, a silly fact to mention here but it’s important.

Silicone watch straps and  Silicone bands

Silicone watch straps which are used for present day wrist watches and fitness trackers and silicone band that is a fashion accessory you can put on your arm, both have become quite a trend. Available in various color options, from neon green to fifty shades of grey, and black and red, available in various designs and patterns, and sizes, these are quite useful.

Is silicone good for watch strap?

Great, better than leather I’d say. I mean leather has a certain appeal that people can’t resist but Silicone watch straps have got this zeitgeist of present digital smart age.

Which strap is better rubber or silicone?

Like Rubber, Silicone is also a polymer. Both are available in various colors and patterns but Silicone is more chic and trendy and ostensibly stronger that rubber strap that decay and lose strength soon enough. Go with silicone.

Which strap material is best for smartwatch?

A smartwatch is known for its digital design, smart features like tracking, vital monitoring, GPS, trendy colors, wireless tech etc. Be smart with the strap as well and use a silicone strap.

Is silicone watch strap waterproof?

Absolutely, it’s a polymer like plastic so yeah, it is waterproof. You don’t have to take your smartwatch off even while diving or showering provided your smartwatch is water resistant.

A few Benefits of Silicone bands

Silicone bands or watch-straps have become a trend lately and there are various factors driving this trend. Let’s see some of the reasons and benefits Silicone straps offer:

1. A great fashion statement: Silicone straps are a great fashion statement. As an accessory, it goes with any fit and fit for any occasion. Be it a casual gathering, a house warming party, sports events, or even a reception, you’re good to go.

2. Waterproof: As a polymer, silicone is a waterproof material and that is why Silicone straps are being a trend lately. Your metal strap or old fashioned rubber strap won’t survive water for long but Silicone strap will.

3. Chic and multicolor option: These Silicone straps are available in various colors that only add to its popularity amongst men, women and children. It’s very chic.

4. Strong and long lasting: Silicone straps or silicone bands are a polymer like rubber or plastic but these offer greater strength than a rubber strap. These are built to last.

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  • Created on Apr 05, 2023

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