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Long Range RFID Reader for Parking Systems

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Mar 30, 2023
  • RFID
Long Range RFID Reader for Parking Systems

Owning a vehicle has become a staple of everyday life, but a little problem with cars that everyone faces is where to park it. And that’s why many medium to large size companies have their parking inside their premises. This gives rise to another problem, how to deny access to unauthorized people inside your organisation’s premises? Sure, you can just hire a guard to check everyone’s id, or you can just use RFID technology.

Today, we’ll be talking about the use of Long-Range RFID Readers for Parking Systems.

A Brief Introduction to Long-Range RFID Reader

As the name suggests, these types of RFID sensors have a big broadcast range. They are generally used in large-scale sectors like warehousing, parking, manufacturing, etc. But, before we go on to discussing the pros & cons of this system, let’s take a look at how an RFID reader works.

How Does an RFID Reader Work?

I’m sure as you may already know that RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) works by communicating data wirelessly through radio signals. An RFID reader is an essential component of this system. A reader, also known as an RFID sensor, contains a scanning antenna & a transceiver.

Initially, a reader will broadcast a radio signal inside a certain area. Once an RFID tag enters the broadcast field of the reader, it will either use the reader’s broadcast’s energy to power itself up or use an internal power supply to send a signal of its own. The RFID reader uses its antenna to receive these signals & send the information to your system, where it is converted into a readable format.

Applications of Long-Range RFID Reader for Parking Systems

Due to the rise in demand leading to a decrease in manufacturing cost, RFID Parking Systems are now being widely adopted. Presently, you can see these systems being used in shopping malls, paid parking, hospitals, private housing societies, etc.

Advantages of an RFID Parking System

Implementing RFID into your business model almost always leads to better performance and higher gains. There are several advantages of using RFID technology over traditional practices, and this applies to Parking Systems too.

So, let’s discuss some key benefits of using Long Range RFID Readers for parking systems.

Wireless & Fast

RFID operates by communicating data wirelessly, using radio frequencies. By sticking an RFID tag/key on vehicles, the Long-Range RFID reader can scan them from afar. This allows the parking system to operate automatically & with efficiency.

Transferable Ownership

RFID tags are programmable with the help of a simple RFID reader and software. Due to this, you can program another vehicle’s information on the same tag in moments. This makes the tag reusable in case the driver obtains a new vehicle.

Real-Time Record Keeping

Due to its ability to hold some amount of data, while programming an RFID tag for a parking system, users generally program the vehicle information & ownership details in the tag. This allows your parking system to keep a detailed record of when each vehicle enters & exits the premises, and how many times they do it. This helps in improving security, as, in case of theft, you can instantly find out who was inside the premises of the organisation.

Secure Against False Credentials

Eyes & people are easy to fool, but you can’t fake a radio signal. Data inside RFID is usually encrypted & can only be read by a reader. This makes it impossible for anyone with an RFID tag with the authorized encrypted information to enter through the security gate.

Things to Remember Before Implementing an RFID Parking System

Despite all its benefits & technological advancements, RFID technology is not perfect. And there are some factors which can make implementing RFID technology can be a bad idea.

Set-up Cost

Unlike normal paper receipts or other traditional parking systems, the initial cost of implementing RFID is more. And it also takes more time to initially implement RFIG tags. In addition to tags, you’ll also have to buy Long Range RFID readers & RFID Security Gates. So, initially, you’ll have to spend more money than on other forms of parking systems.

Susceptibility to Tampering

Whilst RFID offers more security than most parking systems, it is still vulnerable to theft. If someone were to get access to your tag/key, they may be able to get access past the parking system. Or worse, even get access to your data & business premises.


As we discussed above, there are sure benefits of implementing an RFID system, like automation, security & cost reduction. However, the initial cost of implementing such a system deters a lot of businesses from using these systems.

So, it’s up to you, what do you think is the best idea for your business? Cost-cutting right now but keeping an inefficient & less safe system. Or invest right now in a facility that may provide cost savings in the future.

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  • Last updated on Mar 31, 2023
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