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How RFID based Animal Tracking can create a safe space for animals and humans in urban areas?

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Mar 02, 2023
  • RFID
rfid based animal tracking system

Recently a 4 years old kid was mauled and killed by some stray dogs. The viral video of the incident was so horrific that it evoked, on social media, some harsh criticism of stray animal lovers that care for these animals but not enough to provide them shelter and keep away from 4 year olds, criticism was also directed at municipal corporation officials that try and fail due to total lack of competency and unawareness of technological means that can handle such issues with little to no money, that comes from taxpayer’s money.

Creating a safe space for animals and people alike is a big issue in urban areas. Pet dogs and cats, cattle, etc. need a space within the human ecosystem for these can’t survive in jungles. In urban areas, this space is shrinking day by day due to increased urbanization and rapid growth yet there’s a lot that can be done.

RFID, which is abbreviation for radio frequency identification is one such technology under broad umbrella of AIDC technologies that can be utilized to not only curb stray menace and create a safe space for kids and elderly but to also create a safe space for pets and strays by tracking them, keeping them away from roads, children parks and society corridors where small kids play. 

How RFID based Animal Tracking Works?

Before going into the details of how this mechanism works, you should know about RFID system first.

A RFID system comprises of a RFID tag which can be Active (battery powered) or semi active or Passive (without battery power supply), an antenna and a RFID reader. 

When the RFID tagged article transmits the data in the form of radio frequency waves through antenna, the RFID reader receives the data and decodes it for end user, which can be seen on reader screen or on a monitor.

Animal Tracking with RFID:

Once you understand RFID knowhow, you can implement the system for animal tracking in following manner:

Attach RFID tags to animals:

You can attach Passive UHF RFID tags to stray animals and pets for identification and tracking needs.

The tag can be encoded with useful data like owner’s name, caretaker’s name, area, contact details of caretakers (individuals or entities), medical history etc.

Install RFID reader, antenna at crucial locations:

Once animal is tagged, install RFID reader and antenna at crucial locations like society gates, children parks, ranch entry or exit gates, gau-shala gates, animal welfare compounds where stray animals are taken care of, veterinary compounds, high traffic and accident prone areas etc.

The implementation can be carried out by people responsible for such measures.

Enable a control and monitoring system:

Once RFID system is in place, a control and monitoring system is also needed to collect data and make sense of this data.

Once a pet or stray leaves his house, shelter or strays to high risk prone areas, the RFID reader will transmit the data from tag to the control room servers, enabling alarms and appropriate action can follow.

UHF RFID system is very much capable and advanced as it has fast read rates and high reading range. With correct use of RFID based tracking of animals and the data generated in the process, new measures can also be implemented for keeping animals and children safe.

What are some other benefits of RFID based animal Tracking?

There are multiple benefits that can be unlocked by strategically employing RFID system for animal tracking as follows:

1.Cattle theft is also a big issue for cattle dependent businesses. Using RFID based security and animal tracking, cattle theft can be prevented.

2.Finding lost pet animals:

You can track and find your lost dog or cat in a society compound. People can also contact you, by the information mentioned on RFID tag.

3.RFID Animal Tracking on Ranches:

Many people across the world, on ranches, are in cattle business where hundreds and thousands of cattle is left to graze and needs to be counted and checked on daily basis. With RFID system in place, this procedure can be easier. It will also result in increased safety of ranch workers, cowboys, and animals as well.

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  • Created on Mar 02, 2023

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