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Why bar-coding is still a cost effective option for businesses?

Why bar-coding is still a cost effective option for businesses

With new technologies coming in, traditional methods are mostly discarded but not barcodes and barcode scanners. With rapid integration of RFID and BLE amongst other AIDC technologies, barcodes are still being used in many businesses to a great extent.

Sure, RFID and BLE offer great efficiency, and save crucial time, but barcodes still remain a cost effective tool for small and medium sized businesses. FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) based businesses still prefer using barcode labels on items, and retailers use barcode scanners at POS.

Barcode labels and scanners are still being used across industries and increase productivity, reduce human errors and help businesses make profits.

Here’s how barcodes are still a cost effective tool, being used across industries.

1. Barcodes increase efficiency:

Barcodes aren’t new. It is being used for decades now and has had propelled the automation in industries ever since.

Labeling items with barcodes, which gives unique product codes to items, removes the need of looking for information about a particular article in a warehouse or store. Product manufacturing, expiration date, etc can be attained in a second with the use of barcodes.

Employees can manage stock, stock replenishment and stock clearance very easily and save a lot of time in the process. With handheld barcode scanners which aren’t heavy and are easy to use, carry around, employee efficiency is increased.

2. Barcodes increase productivity:

Keeping details of items with paper labels, and spreadsheets can be repetitive and sprout a sense of idleness in employees. With a barcode scanner in hand, employees can do the same task very quickly and easily, without making errors. Scanning the barcodes with an optical barcode scanner is a fairly easy task than noting down product information with a pen and paper.

Barcode scanners are designed to capture data from the barcodes in a second, which is reflected on a screen (monitor), giving out the details needed about an item in a second.

Using barcodes for employees, businesses can save crucial time on employee clock-in and clock-out. On average, employees can save 30 minutes of their crucial, per shift. This certainly increases productivity at workplace.

3. Barcodes reduce human error and cut losses:

Using a barcode scanner to point to an article and save the item information on the barcode attached to the item in a system, is a human error free process.

Human error amounts for huge losses in many business and even invites law-suites against corporations (imagine labeling a food product’s expiration date incorrectly and customers getting sick because of that).

This becomes significant when the same scenario is taken in healthcare. (Imagine a medicine was labeled incorrectly which has possible side effects on patients, might result in death). Businesses simply can’t afford human errors like this. Barcodes are efficient, less time consuming and help employees greatly.

4. Barcodes are cost effective:

Barcodes are simple 1D (one directional) images with black/ white columns which contain a short code for articles. For the lack of a chip like RFID tags, barcodes are less costly and easy to implement. Barcode scanners are also not very costly and last long. Using barcodes on articles in various businesses has introduced a degree of automation. 

Barcodes are not editable, meaning data once written with a barcode can’t be rewritten or corrected, but this doesn’t negate the fact that barcodes come cheap and are easy to replace.

Barcodes are still being used across business despite of new technologies coming up as it is a cost effective method to identify assets. QR codes, short for ‘quick response codes’, are also barcode images but these are 2D, meaning it can be written vertically and horizontally which allows for more data storing capabilities than traditional barcodes.

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  • Created on Jan 31, 2023

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