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Uses of RFID in Everyday Life

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  • Sep 09, 2022
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Uses of RFID in Everyday Life

You might think that RFID may is like a new technology, but you may get surprise to know how much we use it in our daily lives! Without realizing it, we use RFID more often several times a day!

Here are a few examples of uses for RFID in the home and in daily-life:

•   G- pay

•   Hotel room access

•   Chipping pet

•   Getting soda at the movies

•   Free-way Toll Booths

It seems strange to see that any of these things are leveraging RFID technology! After reading this list, you may feel of yourself somewhat an expert on the subject.


We may sometimes forget our wallets at home, but with RFID, it is much easier! Without knowing it, most of us are actually using a miniature RFID reader in our pockets and we use it as digital wallet.  Many iOS and Android smart-phones have an NFC (near field communication) reader built-in. What it means is that, if you might forget your wallet, you can still use the wallet app that is connected to your debit card and can use your phone for contactless and secured money exchange. RFID is a technology that exchanges data, RFID is used through your transaction by exchanging debit card information to purchase anything at the grocery store.

Hotel Room Access

You might forget which hotel room you were staying in and may have tried to use your room key on a bunch of different doors, just to see red “access denied” light being flashed. Then you must be more familiar with RFID technology! There is little RFID chips inside hotel room access cards, when you present at the correct door, a mechanism opens the door and grants you access to your room. So the door to your hotel room can be called a little RFID reader that only communicates with specific access card.

Chipping Your Pet

Who want to lose the best furry friend, and with the use of RFID technology, you can reduce that risk! When you “chip” your companions, they are actually adding an RFID chip into their pet. 

These chips are perfectly safe for your friend’s health, and they can be very useful when the unthinkable happens. If your chipped animal has gone missing, then the RFID chip can give you more security. You can add some information about yourself to the chip, such as your address, contact number. So it helps when someone finds your pet and brings it to the vet for a scan, that information will be taken, and you will receive the phone call.

Getting Soda at the Movies

This might be the strangest one because how can RFID serve you your soda and vanilla. Some restaurants and movie theaters apply this freestyle machine; it has a touch-screen for selecting and customizes the soda of your choice. This is because the machines have RFID chips and RFID readers inside running. These machines use the benefits of RFID technology to activate certain mechanisms according to the touch-screen, thus leaves you with a tasty and refreshing beverage.

Free-way Toll Booths

Most of the toll booths on freeways use RFID technology and grant vehicles passage through the booth via electronic payment. This help in saving a lot of time! Instead of stopping and pull money for the toll-keeper, you can simply use RFID windshield label to sail through the toll booth. 

These are just some examples of the many uses for RFID in the home and outside in our every-day lives. So, next time if you are at the supermarket or may be crossing a bridge, you can consider yourself an RFID expert!

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for general information purposes only and true to best of our understanding. Users are requested to use any information as per their own understanding and knowledge. Before using any of the information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

  • Created on Jun 27, 2022
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