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Keep Track Of Your Fleet and Vehicles with RFID Vehicle Tracking

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  • Sep 09, 2022
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RFID Vehicle Tracking

When the vehicles are constantly on the move, keeping track is made much easier and more accurate with the use of RFID vehicle tracking system.

Most of the businesses rely on vehicles such as cars, trucks and associated assets for keeping businesses moving at a pace. Vehicle information is business-critical information. So, keeping track of vehicles is cumbersome and time-consuming and manual collection and storage of information is not much reliable.

RFID vehicle tracking system is the answer to this problem. With RFID tags, readers and software, businesses can accurately track fleet and vehicles in real-time. The system is robust, flexible and scalable for any business size and can also be customized for specific requirements. The benefits can be realized very quickly and has increased operational efficiency, asset utilization and increases in ROI.

Manual Processes Slow Down Vehicles And Business

For modern business transport and logistics are a critical part and it ensures the rapid flow of goods worldwide. As there is just-in-time delivery pressures and increasing customer demands, there is little room for error and no time to waste.

Also, regulatory bodies have tightened laws for the safe movement of vehicles and trucks, and the penalties are high. Knowing where vehicles are and knowing who is driving, needs to be done in real-time. Manual tracking is time-consuming, inefficient and inaccurate.

Automation can improve the efficiency with the supply chain, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

RFID Technology Keeps Fleets And Vehicles Moving

RFID vehicle tracking system helps to increase the visibility and control of all processes in the supply chain. Technology solutions provide everything from gate automation to condition monitoring to security and real-time location. 

RFID tags are mounted on vehicles or trailers, containers, returnable items and valuable inventory. Strategically-placed readers are used throughout the entire supply chain at key locations to provide automated wireless identification of vehicles.

RFID software provides a simple dashboard view of where all vehicles are located, as well as who is driving them. RFID vehicle tracking system is proven to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety.

The solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing vehicle management systems for a complete vehicle management solution with real-time and accurate information.

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