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UHF RFID Waterproof Paper Wristband Tags

Ultra High Frequency, Waterproof Paper Wristband Tag, suitable for events, concerts/ festivals, night clubs

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Scanner Type: Portable
Operationg Frequency: 865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Communication Protocol: ISO 18000-6C EPC Clas 1 Gen 2
Material: Paper
Read Distance: upto 8meters
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UHF RFID Waterproof Paper Wristband Tags are specially designed tags that are used to securely identify people attending events or venues. They are made from special waterproof paper material and are embedded with an RFID chip. This RFID chip contains a unique identifier that allows the tag to be tracked and identified. This makes them an ideal choice for use in festivals, amusement parks, or other public events. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and provide a secure way to identify individuals.


• UHF RFID technology for reliable and accurate data collection

• Waterproof design for durability and long-lasting use

• Paper material for a lightweight and comfortable fit

• Available in a range of colors for easy identification

• Ability to print custom logos or text for promotional or branding purposes

• Compatible with most UHF RFID readers for reliable data collection and tracking

• Durable and secure construction for safe use in outdoor and indoor environments


• Event Management

• Entertainment Center Management

• Campus Security Management

• Themeparks, waterparks, carnival, gym etc

Why buy this product?

UHF RFID Waterproof Paper Wristband Tags are a great choice for events, festivals, and other activities where you need to keep track of a large number of people. The tags are waterproof, durable, and can be used in any type of environment. Furthermore, they are cost-effective, easy to use, and able to store large amounts of data. They are also widely used for access control applications, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Scanner Type Portable
Operationg Frequency 865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Communication Protocol ISO 18000-6C EPC Clas 1 Gen 2
Material Paper
Read Distance upto 8meters
Size Customized
Operating Mode Soft, Waterproof, Convenince Wearing, Flexible
Usage concert/Festivals, tradeshow, music festival
Type Passive RFID
Personalization Serial numbers, barcodes, QRcodes

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