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8 hours Long Durability Glue Gun, Corded Glue Gun, Longer service life, On Off Switch & Indicator, 200 Watt, Suitable for handicraft items, scrapbook and other projects

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Type: Corded Glue Gun
Wattage: 200W
Feed Type: Trigger-fed Gun
Material: Plastic
Heat-up Time: 3 min
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A hot melt glue gun is a tool commonly used in craft and home improvement projects. It is used for a variety of tasks, including the permanent bonding of two materials and the temporary joining of parts while a stronger adhesive cures or a sealant dries. Hot melt glue guns are typically hand-held devices that disperse hot melt adhesives. These adhesives are thermoplastic materials that melt at relatively low temperatures and solidify quickly. Hot melt glue guns are often utilized because they are quick and easy to use, and most products are relatively inexpensive and clean up easily.

Type Corded Glue Gun
Wattage 200W
Feed Type Trigger-fed Gun
Material Plastic
Heat-up Time 3 min
Suitable For Wood, Paper, Glass, Leather, PU, Fabric
Gun Temperature 100-240, standard temperature
Heater Type 1.5
Operating Power 20 W
Required Voltage 100-240 V
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