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High Quality images, Optical Sensor, 512 DPI, USB Connection, Portable Fingerprint Scanner, Compatible With Windows, Linus and Android, Scratch Proof

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Type Of Device: Fingerprint Recognition Devices
Sensor Type: Optical Sensor
Connectivity Type: USB
Resolution: 512 DPI
Image capture area (Platen size): 15 x 18 mm
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The USB Biometric Optical Fingerprint Scanner is ideal for both individual desk users and multiple users in shared workspaces. Its compact design conserves desk space in business, and its professional, modern appearance looks sleek in point-of-sale(POS) environments. Put the finger on the reader window, and the reader collects and encrypts the fingerprint image fast and automatically. This biometric fingerprint reader utilizes optical fingerprint scanning technology to achieve great image quality, a wide capture area and superior reliability.

Type Of Device Fingerprint Recognition Devices
Sensor Type Optical Sensor
Connectivity Type USB
Resolution 512 DPI
Image capture area (Platen size) 15 x 18 mm
Illumination Blue LEDs
Device size 65mm x 36mm x 16mm
Compatible With Windows, Linux, Android
IP Rating IP65
Installation Type Portable

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