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Scratch Proof, 500 DPI optical sensor, Ultra Compact, light weight and portable biometric Fingerprint Scanner, fast and accurate verification, ideal for Hospitality , Finance and Banking

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Identification Type: Fingerprint scanner
Resolution: 500 DPI
Interface: USB, Plug and Play
Installation Type: Portable, Handheld
Material: Plastic
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The A600 is an optical fingerprint scanner that uses DPI (dots per inch) to capture a high-resolution image of your fingerprint. It also uses an infrared LED to illuminate your fingerprint, making it ideal for use in low-light environments. The scanner is also equipped with a built-in live scan feature, which allows you to view your fingerprint as it is being captured. The A600 Optical Sensor Fingerprint Scanner offers many benefits, including fast and accurate fingerprint scanning, the ability to store multiple fingerprints for different users, compatibility with a variety of security systems, and ease of install and use.

Application: ATM machines, Office security, Access control, Network security, Hospitality, Finance, and Banking

Identification Type Fingerprint scanner
Resolution 500 DPI
Interface USB, Plug and Play
Installation Type Portable, Handheld
Material Plastic
Fingerprint image size 300 x 400 pixels
Sensor type Optical
Dimension 99mm(L) x 62mm(W) x 36mm(H)
Platen size 16mm x 22mm
Sensing Area 15mm x 20 mm
Attributes Fast and accurate, rejects fake finger prints, ultra compact, portable

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