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13.56 MHz Frequency, upto 10mm read range, Size: 18mm x 36 mm, NFC RFID Wet Inlay Tag, applicable on Plastic, Cardboard, Glass

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Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Material: Printable clear PET (Thermal Transfer)
Size: 18 mm x 36 mm
Attachment Method: Adhesive
Applicable Surface Materials: Plastic, cardboard, glass
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Minitrack NFC RFID Wet Inlay Tag offers readability by any NFC device, they are ideally suited for electronic pairing applications were embedding the inlay is required such as smart poster and sticker, connection handover, Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi protected set-up, devices authentication, small item level packages, wristband, and other demanding applications. The NFC Wet Inlay tag provides best-in-class performance in a wide array of demanding NFC applications.

Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Material Printable clear PET (Thermal Transfer)
Size 18 mm x 36 mm
Attachment Method Adhesive
Applicable Surface Materials Plastic, cardboard, glass
Read Range upto 100mm

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