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540 Watt/24V Mono-Crystalline PERC 144 Half-Cell

Half-Cell Mono PERC Solar Panel, 540 Watt Output Power Capacity, Operating Voltage: 24V

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Output Power: 540 Watt
Operating Voltage: 24 V
Dimensions: 2230mm X 1134mm
Thickness: 35mm
Number of cell: 144 cells
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Monocrystalline Cells Output power capacity: 335 Watt, operating voltage: 24 volts, produces 8 Ampere current is used to generate electricity from the sun. They use high-quality glass and a solar cell surface coating that allows them to work well even in low-light situations on dull days, mornings, and evenings..

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Output Power 540 Watt
Operating Voltage 24 V
Dimensions 2230mm X 1134mm
Thickness 35mm
Number of cell 144 cells
Solar Panel Type Mono PERC
Output cables 4mm² symmetrical length1100mm
Frame Material Aluminium
Connectors MC4 Compatible IP68
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