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BNC Male to TNC Female RF Coaxial Coax Adapter

BNC Male to TNC Female Connector, RF Coax Coaxial Adapter, Contact Material: Brass, Impedance:50 Ohm, low loss, high quality, Cable Operators

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The BNC Male to TNC Female RF Coaxial Coax Adapter is a simple device that is used to connect two devices together using coaxial cable. The adapter has a male BNC connector on one end and a female TNC connector on the other, allowing it to be used with any standard coaxial cable. This adapter is commonly used to connect a TV or other device with a BNC input to a device with a TNC output, such as a satellite receiver.
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR below 1.20
Contact Material Brass
Connecter Gender Male and Female
Mounting Type Cable Mount
Color Silver
Connector A BNC Male
Connector B TNC Female
Ideal for Antennas, Broadcast, Radio, wifi-telecom, coaxial cable, LMR
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