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Why should we not use phone while charging?

Why should we not use the phone while charging?

Your work is incomplete without your smartphone. You must use it throughout the day to complete a variety of tasks. But it has its limitation. Number 1 is its battery. Constantly using your mobile phone will deplete the battery juice and then you have to charge your phone. Using your phone while charging is another kind of confusion. Manufacturers claim that it will not cause any harm to your phone as the technology is advancing day by day. But we hear about the battery bulge or explosion. Well, this blog will clear all your doubts. 

When you use your phone while it is charging, what happens?

The main reason we charge our phones is to keep the battery charged. When a battery is not fully charged, it might create an electrical demand on the charger. When electricity flows into a battery, it induces a chemical shift in the battery, resulting in stored charge. If you plug in an empty battery, the charger will provide power until the battery is fully charged. A fully charged battery will not draw any power. The crucial point is that the phone can either use the battery or the charger to meet this electrical need, but it will prefer the charger. The phone does not draw power from the battery when it is plugged in. so, we can say that you can use your phone while charging. A small number of electricity transfers from the battery to the phone. This is referred to as a trickle charge, and it is a very small amount of power.

This puts a little amount of stress on the battery, but over time, it might diminish its life. Leaving the phone plugged in all the time will reduce the batterys lifespan by a small amount. It wont quickly deplete your battery or cause it to explode or something.

When your phone is charging, why not use it?

We live in a dilemma while our phone is on charging. Should we use it or not? You must have faced this question. If you have some urgent piece of work you can surely use your phone. There is no other choice. But, doing it constantly has some consequences.

Here are the following things that happen when you use your phone on charging. You must know about them.

Using the phone while it is charging can quickly cause it to overheat The phone generates a lot of heat, especially while playing large-scale games or watching HD films, but the heat dissipation capacity of the phone is limited, and the heat generated by charging will cause the phone to heat up. Charging will slow down as the phone heats up.

When using the phone while it is charging, the USB charging port may become loose. When playing games that require a complex game operation, such as PUBG, Honor of Kings, and others, our hands may accidentally touch the USB port, and if we press harder, the USB port may become abraded or damaged, causing an impedance anomaly within the charging link, resulting in the phone charging slowly or not at all.

The battery life may be shortened if you use the phone while it is charging. As previously stated, using your phone while charging can cause it to overheat. The battery life will be limited and the battery may potentially be destroyed if it is charged at a high temperature for an extended period.

Things you should keep in mind while charging your phone

1. Do not charge your phone by placing it beneath your pillow, as this reduces the amount of ventilation the gadget receives, increasing the danger of it exploding.

2. Avoid using chargers and batteries from other brands, even if they are compatible with your phone. The battery will suffer long-term consequences.

3. When charging, remove the protective shell or phone cover.

4. Because they can be used on the move and do not require a plug, power banks are a safer way to charge your phone.

5. To charge your phone battery, speed chargers use a greater voltage. As a result, the batterys temperature will rise too quickly. If your phone starts to overheat when charging, the best thing to do is turn it off and disconnect it from the charger. You can continue to charge your phone once it has cooled down.

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  • Created on May 13, 2022

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