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QR Codes in Real Estate: Enhancing Property Listing and Sales

QR Codes in Real Estate

As businesses adapt to changing business landscape and aggressive competition by business next door, use of technology to get an edge over competitors is preferably the right way to move ahead. Not only that, use of technology in day to day business processes also solves complex problems and enhances customer experience.

QR Code, which is basically an enhanced version of traditional barcode, is one such technology that is suddenly being used for simplifying many tasks, after 30 years of its invention in 1994, Japan. Be it retail, healthcare or advertising and marketing, QR codes have created a niche in past few years.

Post 2017, when Apple Inc. integrated QR code scanning ability in its Iphone smartphones, other smartphone manufacturers followed suit. This lead to a 96% growth in QR code reach.

Real Estate also caught up on the same and Real Estate agents now increasingly use QR codes for property listings and sales purposes.

QR Codes in Real Estate

Real Estate is a business that has increasingly high competition and requires great branding, marketing and fast movements, and good communications, presentation etc. to make a profit.

Real Estate agents, keeping these things in minds, tend to adopt innovative ways to showcase a listing to their clients and advertise their listings to higher end clients, where they make most of the profits.

Use of QR Codes in Real Estate has been a game changer in past few years when it comes to marketing, showcasing and presentation side of it.

Let’s see how QR codes can benefit Real Estate and enhance the property listing and sales:

Cost effective tool: QR for Real Estate

QR codes are easy to generate and can hold url, text, phone number, address, image, pdf, Google Form etc. as encoded data. It can be generated on the internet and can be scanned by smartphones and tablets.

This makes QR Code an efficient and cost effective tool.

QR  Code for Advertising and Marketing in Real Estate:

Property listings often need advertising and marketing in Real Estate business. Your listing has to reach targeted clients if you’re looking to make a sale. QR codes can be a great tool in Real Estate Advertising and Marketing. QR codes can be used with the listing, where you display just the address and attach a QR code for clients to scan it. You can direct them to an online image gallery of the property, various sections of the property, curated videos about the property etc.

Additionally QR Codes can be used for creating brochures for online and offline distribution. Brochures can have few images of the listing and a QR code that sends them to a pdf or url or a landing page, containing detailed information about the property.

Given the fact that customers now spend a significant amount of their time hooked on small screens, smartphones sound like a great platform to advertise. Marketers and Advertisers realize this fact and that is why they aggressively push curated ad campaigns for smartphones.

Personalization with QR Codes: Real Estate  agents using QR Codes

Many Real Estate agents now carry a QR Code on the back of their smartphones to make connections with people while attending an event. They believe that people just end up losing the physical business cards anyway and a digital QR based business card remains for longer period on client’s smartphone.

Clients can just scan the QR code and get details about the Real Estate agent and particular listings under his/her purview. This is how you enhance sales. 

QR Code based Real Estate Listings

QR Code based listings means the that the QR Code is used to contain the details of the Real Estate property and similar options at other locations in varied price range, category, etc.

Clients can scan the QR code to get all the necessary information that might be in the form of images, landing page (webpage), text, pdf etc. This significantly enhances the sale prospects.


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  • Created on Apr 11, 2023

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