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Why use RFID Attendance System in Schools and what are its Benefits

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  • Dec 21, 2022
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Why use RFID Attendance System in Schools and what are its Benefits

We are unknowingly enjoying the benefits of RFID solutions in our everyday life as we do not recognize its presence in various situations. It is available in retail stores, libraries, hospitals, amusement parks, airports, schools, and many such places where tracking of item/people movements is implemented. 

We can now see a sudden growth in the RFID applications for student tracking as it augments the overall security of students. You can get enormous data that can be analyzed afterward to derive insights for decision-making.

How does RFID Attendance Tracking Work?

RFID in schools derives benefits for all students, parents, teachers, and management. The RFID tag is given to students to wear; this can be in the form of an ID card or a part of their uniform. Tags are preprogrammed according to the unique user profile. The antennas are placed in strategic locations such as gates, classroom doors, library, canteen, etc. 

The antennas are connected to RFID readers through a well-planned grid of power cables and communication cables. That is then connected to a computer to store and process the information. This can provide different alerts to the stakeholders; for example, SMS alerts to parents when the student enters the main gate.

Benefits of using RFID Attendance Tracking 

 Security and Safety: The RFID attendance system provides security as all the information after the student enters the gate till leaving is recorded and communicated with the parents. Every detail is sent to parents through SMS or mobile apps and parents find peace of mind.

2   Fast Communication: An automated RFID solution captures and communicates the location data to the student information system instantly. As per the settings selected by the student information system, the same is delivered to the parents on pre-set timing and logic.

3   Better Discipline and Grades: In the case of studies it is seen that a well-monitored school has better discipline as compared to schools without surveillance. This is because of the improved discipline of the kids and also due to the improved discipline of various non-teaching staff. When students know that their attendance is tracked live and communicated to parents, this will avoid disciplinary issues and possible the students will produce better grades and become good citizens.

Other Places to Install and Benefit from RFID Tracking 

1   Libraries: Other than RFID attendance tracking, the RFID can be implemented to enhance the library experience. The books can be rooted with RFID tags for tracking and data analysis. This with the RFID tags of students produces a seamless experience in lending and returning library books without any queues in the library. Also, searching in library management software for the availability of any book becomes easy. As time passes by, the RFID system will also produce better reports on the movement of students and books to understand the behavior of students.

2   Restricted Areas: There are some restricted areas in the school that the students are not advised to approach. This can be for privacy, security, and safety. The entry to these restricted areas can be tracked and a warning can be issued immediately.

3   School Buses: It can also be implemented in school buses. This makes tracking students outside the school campus. It collects information about the stops where the kids onboarded and de-boarded the bus. This is communicated to parents on a real-time basis through mobile apps or SMS.

4   Canteen: A good RFID system can automate the daily operations in the canteen just like in a library. Payments can be deducted from the pre-funded wallets with the student information system. This saves a lot of valuable time for students and teachers.

5   Attendance System for Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff: While the system is mainly used for tracking studentsโ€™ attendance, the same can be used to track the attendance and movement of teachers and non-teaching staff. The same hardware and software can be used to generate reports for their attendance and behavior on the school campus.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for general information purposes only and true to best of our understanding. Users are requested to use any information as per their own understanding and knowledge. Before using any of the information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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