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Some Significant Benefits of RFID Door Locks over Mechanical Locks

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  • Feb 22, 2024
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Benefits of Using RFID Door Locks

In today’s modern era, being safe and secure in both private and commercial places is one of the biggest concerns for businesses and private individuals. In such hard times, RFID door lock access control systems are gaining much popularity and also hold a great place in the security industry as it is preferred by many. This is because RFID technology not only offers an advanced form of security but also it is quite convenient to use.


Benefits of Using RFID Door Locks 

1- Easy to Use:

These remote door locks are convenient to install, as it is easy to use and the tag card is more convenient to carry around when compared to keys. You can carry keycards in your wallet or can clip them to your shirt. These are not like magnetic stripe cards that need physical contact with the locker locks. One has to just come close enough to the reader and the system would unlock the door. This feature is very useful when the person is carrying any weight.

2- Integrated Expanding Access:

Unlike magnetic stripe locks that can be opened by only using a keycard, the RFID door lock system can also be opened through mobiles. In the wireless RFID technology, the lock system is triggered, also Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology can be used to access the locks. So if carrying a keycard for you is burdensome, you can just simply register your smartphone as the key and easily open RFID locks with the help of a phone. Most organizations today install RFID locks and RFID Mobile Access Locks for better safety and security of the employees.

3- Keyless Entry:

One can easily misplace the key or lose it; whereas, keycards cannot easily be lost or damaged. Even if one loses a keycard, it is easier, cheaper, and faster to create a new one than to make a lost key. Also, RFID locks with mobile access can simply be opened by a smartphone, thus you do not need a keycard as well.

4- Weatherproof:

RFID door locks for the main door are weatherproof, as they are not exposed. As we talked about it before, these locks use wireless technology and thus physical contact is not required to trigger the system. Thus, there is no requirement to design an exposed card slot in RFID locks that can get damaged when it comes to contact with water or humidity. 

5- Spare Key Not Required:

When you buy a physical lock, you get a set of spare keys that can be used when the original one is lost. With an RFID door lock access control system, such a thing can be eliminated completely and can also save business owners the additional cost of replacing locks and keys.

6- Flexibility in Configuration:

Most RFID door lock access control systems today come with Multi-Locker and Multi-User features. The multi-user card can easily be used and many users can be registered under one lock, for example, the main entry door of the office building. Multi-Locker; shows that a person is assigned to many lockers, for example, the master card is kept under the supervision of the manager.

7- Mobile Access Available:

Most RFID door lock access control system comes with technology that allows using a smartphone as the keycard. Individuals just have to register via an app to unlock the RFID locker locks with the help of a mobile phone.

In Conclusion

In today’s world, the safety and security of consumers and also employees, and the overall business are the biggest concerns of business owners. Day-to-day hassles faced by all business owners are lost keys, theft, and forgotten pins. RFID door lock access control system is an excellent solution to these problems because the owner or manager can easily track RFID keycard activity, battery level, and alarm breakdown, with the utmost ease.

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