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30 Feet UHF RFID Antenna Cable, SMA Male to SMA Female

200 series, Low-Loss Coaxial Extension RF Cable (50 Ohm), SMA Male to SMA Female,

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Length: 30 ft (9.1 m)
Cable Type: 200 series
Connector 1: SMA male (connects to SMA female)
Connector 2: SMA female (connects to SMA Male)
Contact Material: Brass
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LMR-200 SMA Male to SMA female low loss RF cable is an excellent cable for runs up to 25-30 feet in WiFi and Cellular use and provides superior performance for HF/UHF installation up to 150 feet and Cable with 50 Ohm, SMA Male and SMA Female Connector Ends, Double Shield, flexible UV proof PE. These RF cables are thin, flexible, lightweight S-LMR 200-sized coax making installation easier, especially for tight bends.

Application: Ham radio, Wifi signal booster, repeater, Antenna Cables, Mobile Antennas, Mobile Signal Booster, GPS, WLAN, and much more.

Length 30 ft (9.1 m)
Cable Type 200 series
Connector 1 SMA male (connects to SMA female)
Connector 2 SMA female (connects to SMA Male)
Contact Material Brass
Impendence 50 ohm
Color Black
Operating Temperature -40 Degree C to +85 Degree C
Usage Ham radio,Wifi signal booster, repeater,Antenna Cables

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