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Benefits of Type C port in your Laptop



Searching for type C chargers everywhere? USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, is quickly becoming the industry standard for transporting data and power to and from a wide range of computing devices. Because of its symmetrical design, it can be placed in any direction β€” up or down β€” removing many of the problems associated with older USB ports.

As the technology keeps upgrading day by day, USB-C continues to advance in terms of data transfer speeds and the potential to deliver more power to devices. It's also related to a slew of new technologies, such as Thunderbolt and USB Power Delivery. 

With its USB-C capabilities and benefits, this USB cable is on its way to becoming a universal connector. Most of the new top offerings from computer and device manufacturers include USB-C connections. If you have a desktop computer, you can connect it to an external monitor using a USB-C cable. You can also transmit data from your notebook to an external disc that is also attached to the monitor using this connection. You can multitask and do more while maximizing your time with just one wire.

USB Type-C includes some fascinating new features which make it different from other USB ports. The new port is half the width and a third the height of a regular USB connector. You don’t have to worry about up and down as it can be worn both ways. Type-C connections can carry data at up to 10 gigabits per second, according to the latest version of the USB protocol. The new connector can deliver up to 100 watts of power, which is sufficient to run a laptop. You can connect older devices with the help of adapters.

Why you should use a Type C port on your laptop?

Convincing to use a type C port is not very difficult as it offers many benefits to its user. Most smartphone manufacturers have switched to type C. Here we have mentioned 3 basic benefits to use a type C port in laptops. 


The attached devices can get up to 100W of power from USB-C. That should be sufficient to charge (nearly) any laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The new format can also provide 4K video and audio to monitors. Power Delivery Charging is another significant feature that draws many people to USB-C (PD Charging). It's a technology that allows some devices to charge extremely quickly.

Some Android and Apple cellphones are among these devices. Certain Google devices also include the technology. The USB-C PD, on the other hand, can offer up to 100 watts of power. This is six times more than a USB 3.1.


This adaptability allows for a variety of practical uses. A user might, for example, put their USB-C-equipped laptop into a powered external display, and the PC would charge while streaming video information. If there are any other USB devices connected to the monitor, such as an external drive, the PC will be able to access them and transfer files. You don’t have to carry different cables for a different purposes. 

Shape and Physical Features 

The USB Type-C plug is symmetrically formed. This oval-shaped plug has numerous advantages. It is reversible. This means you may insert the connector into your device without having to flip it around. The USB-C doesn't have an up or down orientation like the Lightning or Apple Mac MagSafe chargers. All you have to do now is align it with the port and plug it in. Furthermore, as compared to the old version, the USB-C is smaller and thinner. The USB-C adjusts to the physical dimensions and requirements of these new devices as the structure of modern laptops becomes smaller and thinner.

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  • Created on May 10, 2022

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