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Block Lite High Frequency(HF/Mifare) RFID Paper Tag

13.56 Mhz Frequency, High Quality, Long read range, High performance, Rugged and waterproof design, suitable for library and media management

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Operating Frequency: 13.56 Mhz
Material: Paper
Die Cut Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm
Surface: Non-metallic
Memory: 2528 bits
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The Block Lite HF RFID Paper Tag is a high-frequency (HF) radio frequency identification (RFID) tag designed for tagging and tracking paper-based items. It is a small, lightweight tag that is easily affixed to paper items, such as documents, cards, and tickets. It has an excellent read and is equipped with a 13.56 MHz NFC chip. The tag is coated with a protective layer and is waterproof and resistant to chemicals, making it suitable for harsh environments. It is also available in a wide range of colors and sizes to accommodate different applications.


• Retail: for inventory tracking, loss prevention, and customer loyalty programs.

• Logistics: tracking shipments and ensuring proper delivery.

• Manufacturing: for tracking work-in-progress and production parts.

• Healthcare: for patient identification and tracking medical supplies.

• Agriculture: for animal identification and tracking livestock.

• Sports and Entertainment: for event access control and fan engagement.

• Security: for access control and personnel management.

• Education: for student identification and tracking attendance.

Operating Frequency 13.56 Mhz
Material Paper
Die Cut Dimensions 50mm x 50mm
Surface Non-metallic
Memory 2528 bits
Attachment Method Acrylic, water borne adhesive
Applicable Surface Materials Plastic, cardboard, glass
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