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Chromo Paper Barcode Label, Size: 101mm x 151mm, Adhesive Label, 400 Label in 1 Roll, Long Lasting, Smooth Surface, Suitable for Packaging and Shipping Labels

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The Avery Chromo Barcode Labels are designed for use on products and packaging. It is made of a lightweight, chromo paper material that is resistant to smudging, fading, and water damage. The label is pre-printed with a barcode, along with a unique serial number, which can be scanned to provide information about the product. The label also features an adhesive backing, which makes it easy to apply to most surfaces. 

Product Chromo Paper Roll
Material Paper
Paper Surface Glossy
Pattern Plain
Size 101mm x 151mm x 1UP
Packaging Type Packaging Type
Color White
Print Smooth
No of Label 400 Labels in 1 Roll
Core Size 1 inch
Label Rewinding Outside
Gumming Hot melt adhesive

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