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Handheld Barcode Label Applicator

Portable Barcode label applicator, Easy to operate, Easily adjust the label size, Long-term use, Waterproof and dustproof, Suitable for printing barcodes on cards, envelopes, and other items

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A handheld barcode label applicator is a device used to apply adhesive labels onto products or packaging. It is typically a small, handheld device with a trigger handle and a wheel that is used to dispense labels onto the desired surface. This portable label applicator machine can be used to quickly and accurately apply labels to a wide range of products. Portable barcode label applicators are lightweight, easy to use, and ideal for small-scale labeling operations.
Product Barcode Label Applicator
Print Media Labels
Color White
Features Portable
Label Length 18-60mm
Core inner diameter 1 inch

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