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RFID Smart Shelves: Optimizing Retail Operations

  • Akansha Sharma
  • Jul 24, 2023
  • RFID
RFID Smart Shelves

Retail serves as the endpoint of the supply chain in any product-oriented industry. They provide customers with manufactured good and allows competition between brands. With the advent of technologies, we have come to a point where we have made the retail experience significantly automated and immersive for the customers. One such technology that allows for the same is RFID Smart Shelve solutions.

So, let’s not waste any more time and talk about it.

What are Smart Shelves?

Smart Shelves are referred to as the integration of technologies like display, data collection, networking, etc., with item shelves. These technologies allow the users to have real-time monitoring capability over their operations.

One of the most common technologies used in creating a smart shelf infrastructure is RFID. Before moving on and learning more about smart shelves, let’s read a brief on RFID technology.

What is RFID Technology?

This stands for Radio Frequency Identification; it is a type of AIDC technology that transmits information using radio signals. An RF system consists of tags, readers, and antennas; users can put tags on items and utilize the antennas and readers to track the movement of items.

Applications of RFID Smart Shelves & ESL in Retail

Smart Shelving technology allows retail outfits to optimize their daily operations, by providing them key insight into various performance parameters. With the help of tracking capabilities, there are two different applications of this technology in retail operations.

(A). Display Shelves

The most popular integration of smart shelf technology is in the display cabinets. These systems allow the business to accurately tag which item is being sold. The RF readers in the shelves track the movement of items, i.e., anytime an item is added or removed from the shelf, the system picks it up and logs the information into the database.

(B). Inventory

With smart shelf integration, users can keep real-time track of the inventory of the store. This allows the users to conduct proper supply requisition requests and prevent issues like stockouts. In addition, it also helps reduce theft and stock shrinkage by a significant margin.

(C). Personalized Advertisement

Smart shelves have network integration, meaning they can also communicate with other devices through wireless technology. Businesses use this to interact with the customers’ devices. When a customer approach a product section, the smart shelf can send them advertisements and promotional offers on their smartphones, this also helps in enhancing the whole shopping experience.

Benefits of Implementing RFID Smart Shelves in Retail

There are many benefits of integrating RFID technology into your retail operations, for the purposes of smart shelving.

(A). Track Item Inventory

Managing inventory is an essential task for any business, it allows businesses to keep an accurate eye on the incoming and outgoing items. However, as the volume of goods increases, inventory management operations become more and more difficult. With the help of smart shelf integration, users can completely automate inventory management.

(B). Analyse Purchasing Trends

Another important aspect of running a business is marketing, and to do that, first businesses need to conduct an analysis of the market trends. By providing item identification & tracking, these systems allow businesses to have in-depth information, regarding purchasing trends. Allowing them to create custom marketing campaigns and strategies, tailored for their business.

(C). Optimized Customer Experience

Aside from all the benefits it provides to the retail business, smart shelves improve the shopping experiences for customers too. They provide customers with important information like ingredients, similar products, additional accessories, etc. Overall, it leads to a more inclusive and immersive shopping experience, increasing the chances of returning customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are smart shelves in retail?

Smart shelves are IoT (Internet of Things) or RFID-integrated shelves in retail outfits that allow the users to have an accurate and real-time track of the movement of stock.

Q2. What is smart store technology?

A smart store refers to a retail outfit that has been customized to operate automatically or with minimum manned stations. This is done through the integration of various technologies like networking, AIDC, IoT, etc.

Q3. What are the features of smart shelves?

Smart shelves have a variety of functions and features like item tracking, offering promotional material, price display, providing information about products, etc.

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