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10 Reasons to Use QR Codes in Hospitals and Medical Schools

QR Codes in Healthcare, QR Codes in Hospitals

Hospitals, clinics as well as medical schools, all are always short on staffs and suffer with ever increasing heavy footfall. To manage their needs better, some of the day to day affairs and tasks need to go digital. Automation in healthcare will provide better customer experience and customer satisfaction and also help alleviate the worries of an already fraught system.

What is a QR code?

Quick response code, also read as QR Code, is a 2-D image with a black- white square block and dots which can store data in various forms. It could be a URL, image, text or a goggle form.

QR code benefits in healthcare: 

1. QR Codes can be used for identification of patients, doctors, nurses, medical students, and other support staffs.

2. QR Codes can be used to digitally store patients’ health record.

3. It can also be used to grant access to someone in hospital wards, ICUs or medical school premises as per requirements. 

4. Patients can scan QR codes to check and make appointments.

5. QR codes can be placed on lab instruments and beds in hospitals to have a better understanding of availability, and use of the same. It also helps with maintenance and auditing.

6. QR codes can be used to track present assets in hospitals and medical schools.

7. Drug safety and prevention against counterfeiting.

8. Use of QR codes reduces human errors, makes use of paper records obsolete.

9. Specific QR codes can be issued to elderly patients to help them move around the hospital without any issue and get things done.

10. QR codes can be used to receive feedback of patients and visitors. 

How to use QR Codes?

In 2017 when Apple Inc. integrated a QR code scanner in their iphones, others followed suit. After this use of QR Codes increased rapidly. Many digital payment companies started using it, retailers, and eateries too did the same.

Use of QR codes is also increased due to Covid19 pandemic as people don’t want to use physical currencies (bank notes and coins) for the fear of infection.

To use QR code you can visit any QR Code generating websites on the internet or simply search “generate QR code” on the internet. You can customize your QR code and add a URL, image, text, Google form etc. You can share the generated QR Code digitally or print it and distribute it, paste it at desks, walls, pillars etc.

QR Codes for diseases

QR codes can be generated for diseases, should contain detailed information about the diseases and procedures that follow, and it should also have Dos and Don’ts so that patients can scan the same to be better prepared when they make appointments.


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  • Created on Jan 13, 2023

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