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RFID Tag In Car Access And Vehicle Management

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  • Sep 29, 2022
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RFID Tag In Car Access And Vehicle Management

Long waiting in queues at an entry and exit areas is now long gone. With RFID tags used in cars, there can be complete access security at any facility. Besides security benefits automating vehicle access can save a lot of time for the organization and at the same time improves management efficiency because manual management which was a tedious task is eliminated wherever possible.

Why Automate Vehicle Identification And Access Management

Safety concerns are now a highly pivotal aspect of business growth and today most organizations are adopting advanced security provisions so they can keep a close watch on their premises. Same way vehicles are also important and keeping their accurate record of movement on a basis of day-to-day activities, in-out locations, and across the parking lots is of great importance.

Monitoring them manually and managing them and the movements means there are a lot of things to be noted on the list and also it is a tedious task and error-prone process. This counts as free space, allowing access, and managing parking fee that is time-consuming in parking lots or toll plazas. To ensure every driver’s convenience, automating all the steps is required.

Secure And Optimize With RFID

RFID vehicle access system maintains security around vehicle management operations and takes the hassle out of controlling the vehicles. 

A passive RFID tag used in a car can be installed anywhere on the windshield or headlight that can be detected and verified by an RFID reader placed at the entry and exit points. The information is then sent to a database where it will be verified for free parking spots available, access authorization, and many more. All this offers quick and easy unmanned entry and exit and this reduces the time wasted looking for free parking spots as well as during the toll or parking fee payments.

Key Application Possibilities

Vehicle Identification

Every vehicle’s access authorization can be controlled on the site with passive tags and RFID readers. Because the tags are of ultra-high frequency and readers are of long-read range, this allows for quick and automatic access as the vehicle is identified at the entry or exit point. Innovative RFID solutions have given users the flexibility to choose a number of antennas as per the detection field requirements. 

There is no built-in antenna in a non-integrated reader but then also it can accept multiple external antennas. Also, it gives users significant cost benefits as it can accept multiple antennas that 

A non-integrated reader does not come with an antenna built-in but can accept multiple external antennas. Additionally, a non-integrated reader gives users significant cost benefits as the capability enhances its scope of coverage and eliminates the need for a separate reader for every area.

Driver Identification

This ensures that the right person is driving the right vehicle and also keeps track of employees with an RFID-based driver identification solution. Each driver gets RFID-embedded ID cards that help in mobile tracking and quick registration. These key tags can be used to track other activities too of the employees and allow the organization to review their working hours, overtime, and usage of company vehicles.

Car Immobilizers

This is a system embedded into the car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and provides to be a strong theft prevention device. There is a transponder fitted to the key that can send unique radio-frequency signals. When it gets the right signal, the engine can be started, and if it won’t start, all the insincere attempts keys will be thwarted.

Some Common Benefits

•   Security: It provides mobile tracking; this means the drivers will not be required to roll down their windows for identification and fee payments.

•   Convenience: With the ultra-high frequency and long read ranges; it offers quick access authorization, no wait time, and improved traffic.

•   Low Tag Costs: The passive tags last a lifetime and are more cost-efficient.

•   Low Maintenance: Passive tags can sustain weather elements.

•   No Duplication: It cannot be counterfeited as it has a secure encryption and unique numbers.

•   Improved Data Collection: RFID-based provides quick and accurate data collection. Also, this automatic data collection removes the chances of transcription errors or missed items.

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