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Using RFID Management System in Library

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  • Sep 29, 2022
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RFID library management system

RFID library management system saves much time for the library staff just by automating their tasks. A library that uses RFID also saves much time for a book reader that he/she would have spent waiting in a queue for borrowing or returning a book. Managing the books and making them available to the reader is really important for the library staff and for this they spent more time recording information.

Returning and borrowing books can be automized with the RFID systems. There is special software that has to be installed and the person who wants to borrow the book can check the options available on the computer screen. There is a personal identification number or any form of unique identification code is given and the books selected are identified by the built-in RFID reader. The surveillance bit in the tag is deactivated; when a book is returned, the check-in/out system activates it.

Application in RFID Library Management System 

1- Book Drops: These can be located anywhere that is possible in remote locations outside the library. This offers flexibility and convenience for returning the books at any time of the day, even when the library is not open.

2- RFID Transponder or Tagging: This one is the most important link. It can store information that is related to the specific item and rewrite it again without any contact or line of sight. Data in a tag may provide identification, ownership, location, loan status, and history. RFID tags are designed to be attached to library media.

3- Counter Station: It is a staff-assisted station and is loaded with arming/disarming modules, tagging, and sorting. It allows EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) bit inside the tag to be set/reset and trigger or not the alarm of the gate.

4- The Patron self-check-out station: A computer with a touch screen and built-in RFID reader and software for personal identification. With the identification by library ID card, barcode card, or PIN, the patron can choose the next action. The person can put the book(s) in front of the screen on the RFID reader which has been checked out.

5- Shelf Management: With this locating and identifying items becomes easy. It has a portable scanner and a base station. It covers three main requirements:

•         Searching individual books

•         Inventory check of the stock

•         Search books that are miss-placed

6- Anti-theft Detection: There is an anti-theft part in the RFID library management system that uses the same RFID tags embedded in the library items. It can track items of about 1 meter and trigger the alarm when any un-borrowed item is passed through. The alarm will make sound and fall lights on the gate as a person passes through with the un-borrowed material.

Important points based on RFID Library Management System 

•         RFID tags replace EM security strips and barcodes.

•         Simplify check-out / check-in.

•         Anti-theft detection is innovative and safe.

•         High-speed inventory and identify items.

•         Long-term development guarantee.

Benefits of RFID use in Library 

•         It improves library workflow

•         Improves staff productivity and customer service

•         Assist inventory check

•         Easy book identification

•         Assist traceability of book

•         Enhance book return processes

•         Allow better accuracy

•         More than one item can be checked out or checked in

•         Faster inventory process

•         Ability to locate specific items

Advantages of RFID in Libraries: 

•         Self charging-discharging

•         Reliability

•         Streamlined Inventory Management

•         Long life of the tag 

•         Faster circulation

•         Reduction in workplace injuries

•         Automated materials handling

•         Easy stock verification

•         Theft reduction

•         High level of security

•         External Book Return

•         Improved tracking

•         Reduce materials cost and handling

•         Automated issue/return

•         Automated sorting of books

•         Inventory visibility

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