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Basic Mobile Charging Myths You Should Know

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Who does not have access to a mobile phone?
Even a toddler or school kid is using a mobile in today's era. Every age group has its need and use for this electronic portable gadget. Some manage their finances through it while some use it for learning. There is no need to further explain its advantages.

But this little gadget needs to get charged. When it comes to charging and battery life, everyone wants it to livelong. To use it efficiently we believe some pointless myths without knowing the scientific logic or reason behind them. In this article, you will discover some basic myths you hear almost every day.

Applications in the background will eat up the battery

You may have heard that you should keep your background screen clean to save your battery. Practically, when you restart the application frequently you use more resources. This results in more battery usage. Sometimes, some particular application might suck all your battery because it constantly keeps updating itself according to your message and status. If you are out of battery, then it is suggested to keep your mobile on power-saving mode. It might help you to save some battery for emergency.

Over charging will burst your phone

We might be afraid to charge your mobile phones at night due to overcharging. Today's technology has terminated this problem with the help of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from memory loss and are sophisticated enough to regulate their power management. Once your battery is 100 per cent, it stops the charge flow. Hence, it is safe to charge your phone at night to use it efficiently in the daytime.

Don't use phone while charging

Your mother at least scolded you once for using your mobile phone while it is on charge. But you don't have to worry. Smartphone technology has advanced over time, it now uses a lithium-ion battery which does not get affected by using it on charge. Using your smart phone doesn’t make any difference on the battery. If your phone starts overheating, then this is a matter of concern.    

Public charging ports are safe

We might think that charging your mobile phone through public charging port is safe. But it tends to risk your data and information. Cybercrimes have also advanced their technique and technology. Public ports could become an easy way to transfer data. Hackers might get access to your images, texts, emails, call logs etc. It is advisable to carry your portable charger. 

Offbrand chargers work well too

You must have thought to buy a cheaper charger. But if you didn't then it was a wise decision. Offbrand chargers usually lead to the fluctuation of voltage and charge flow. This might cause harm to your mobile battery or charging port. You must go with the brand certified charger to play safe. Otherwise, you might have to buy new mobile phone or change its battery within few months.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for general information purposes only and true to best of our understanding. Users are requested to use any information as per their own understanding and knowledge. Before using any of the information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

  • Created on Apr 20, 2022

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